Which is Healthier: Contact Lenses or Glasses?

Refractive disorders of the eye resulting in blindness can be corrected with contact lenses or eyeglasses. But which one is healthier for the eyes, contact lenses or glasses?

Currently, glasses or contact lenses are widely used by people who have healthy eyes. Yes, the goal is just to be stylish. When bored with the style of glasses or contact lenses, these tools can be abandoned. But for those who have abnormalities in eye refraction, then inevitably have to remain loyal to glasses or contact lenses.

Some people argue glasses healthier than contact lenses. But others insist more fitting of contact lenses for the eye. Both are equally helps the eye to see more clearly, but many doctors recommend wearing goggles because if not diligently wear contact lenses instead will make the eyes dry.

Here are some things that you can consider when choosing to use glasses or contact lenses, as quoted Boldsky, Wednesday (03/27/2013):

1. Broader outlook with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses make eye have a wider view. This is because the lens is stuck in the eye, to reach the view from all angles.

2. Glasses Protect eyes from direct light

When you work at a computer, the light of a computer screen directly into the eyes. Well, if you wear glasses, then the light will not continue to direct the eye. With anti-glare coating, sunglasses protect the eyes much better than lenses.

3. Dry eyes Because of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses block the oxygen. Since the lens is attached to the eyeball, it can make the eyes dry. As a result you will have red eye problems, dryness and itching when wearing contact lenses for a long time. To reduce complaints of dry eye, contact lens wearers are generally frequent use of eye drops.

4. Glasses Can not Make You Free Viewing

It is true that glasses can fix the complaint myopic eyes. But glasses framing the user's view. The user can not see the area outside his glasses. Whereas if you wear contact lenses, you may distribute the view to 360 degrees.

5. Which Is More Delicious to Use in Travelling?

Maybe you got contact lenses and eyeglasses, but which one would you take it for traveling? When it rains, the glasses can be wet and foggy.

But if you are cycling the contact lenses can be dropped or dust can get into the eyes. If the rain gets in your eyes when you wear contact lenses, it will block the view.

Hmm so the choice between the use of contact lenses or glasses can be a difficult choice. Perhaps the solution is to use both of them to be exact. Whatever you choose is fine and nothing is wrong. What is important is that you feel comfortable.