Anemia Could Be Indicator of Cancer

Anemia is not just associated with symptoms easily fatigued and tired, but it also can be an indicator of cancer. Although rare, but there are cancer cells that could take iron in a person's blood causing anemia.

Symptoms of anemia include always feeling tired, lethargic, headaches, insomnia, decreased appetite up. Groups of pregnant women and children aged less than two years is a group that will suffer the worst effects if you suffer from anemia because it can disturb the development of the child.

According to specialists in internal medicine from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Ayu Nadia Mulansari, anemia is not a disease but a symptom to look for the underlying cause of the underlying disease or anemia.

Anemia, said Nadia, is a condition that describes levels of hemoglobin or the number of erythrocytes (red blood cells) in the blood is less than normal value. Anemia is generally caused by the loss of red blood cells caused by bleeding in an accident or surgery. Decreased production of red blood cells, and increased red blood cell destruction or hemolysis also cause anemia.

Nadia said, a disease characterized by anemia of cancer not only blood-related cancers such as leukemia, but also other cancers such as breast cancer, gastric cancer and others.

"Colorectal cancer, for example, bleeding usually occurs around the cancer cells. That reduces the volume of blood in the body, one of the causes of anemia," he said at the launch of Tanya Anemia Center hosted by Sangobion Wednesday (03/27/2013) in Jakarta.

In addition to a decrease in blood volume due to bleeding, cancer cells can also damage the iron resulting in anemia.

Hemblogin is a parameter that determines the anemia. "The woman said to have anemia if the hemoglobin is less than 12, whereas in men if it is less than 13.5," said a doctor from the Division of Hematology-Medical Oncology this.

However, not always an indicator of anemia of cancer. Nadia insisted, anemia can be defined as a fever, that has not been showing symptoms of certain diseases, it can be quite extensive. So to be sure what the cause of anemia, examination must be done properly.

In addition to cancer, anemia can be an indicator of thalassemia disease, kidney disease, liver disease, connective tissue disease, chronic infections, and nutritional deficiencies.