Sleeping with AC Turned On Can Cause High Blood Pressure

Quite often when swelter at night, AC (Air Conditioner) or air conditioning in the bedroom lit all night. The risk is not just a cold, according to research that could lead to high blood pressure.

Keigo Saeki, MD, a scientist from Nara Medical University in Japan proves it in a new study. According to him, the cold temperature during sleep can influence blood vessel constriction and ultimately increase blood pressure.

In his research, Dr. Saeki reveals that if someone is sleeping with a room temperature of 57 degrees Fahrenheit or about 14 Celsius, blood pressure tends to rise 6-8 percent the next day. Comparator bed in room temperature 76 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius.

Dr. Saeki explains blood pressure will naturally increase when a person wakes up in the morning. Well, when someone is sleeping in the room throughout the night cold temperature, the increase will be much higher because the blood vessels from constricting or narrowing.

"These conditions increase blood pressure at least 2 hours, and during that serious tension on the heart," explained Dr. Saeki is quoted from, Wednesday (13/03/2013).

Even if the relationship with cardiac considered excessive, sleep in a room that is too cold can actually be directly perceived effects on the body. Usually, people who sleep in a cold room will wake up with body feels sore because of a cold.

If you are heated, it should be raised so that the room temperature is warmer during sleep. No need to be lit all night as wasteful of energy and would also not be healthier if it gets too hot, the temperature is sufficiently raised only 1.5 hours before bed and then turned off.

Or it could be another way of using a thick blanket. No need to be too thick, too, because it was freezing and swelter equally uncomfortable to sleep and in the end they could reduce the quality of sleep.