Sleep Paralysis, Panic and Feel Paralyzed When Sleep

Maybe you've felt the sensation of panic during sleep because the body feels like press by something but you can not move, shout or get up. Society calls this phenomenon because of spirits.

According to a medical explanation, squeezing called paralysis during sleep (sleep paralysis). This is a normal phenomenon. Almost every person in his life experienced during sleep paralysis, including those from developed countries.

Paralysis during sleep, according to the explanation dr.Rismawati Tedjakusuma, neurologist and sleep expert, due to a mismatch between REM sleep to waking.

REM sleep is the deepest sleep periods of deep sleep. At this stage the dream happen. During REM sleep the muscles are in a very weak condition. "This is a natural mechanism that we do not act out the dream is experienced," he said.

Well, when experiencing sleep paralysis brain is already out of the REM stage but not the body so that the muscles are still weak. "So it seems as if we wanted to get up and open your eyes but the body can not be moved," said Risma also a member of Indonesia's Sleep Society.

Most people believe that squeezing can be life threatening. But according Risma fears were unfounded. "It feels short of breath, but if we are relaxed and calm after a long time it's gone numb themselves," he said.

Although not dangerous, but sleep paralysis too often to watch. "If we experience this phenomenon twice a week only, need to be examined," said a doctor from Jakarta RS.Medistra.

Sleep paralysis can be a symptom of other sleep disorders, such as stopping breathing during sleep (sleep apnea), sudden sleep attacks (narcolepsy), anxiety, and even depression. People who have experienced psychological trauma are also more susceptible to sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is also usually occurs in people who sleep in the supine position or in a state of almost awake from sleep. Therefore we should change sleeping positions several times during sleep.