Routine Walking Good for Stroke Patients

Walking regularly can improve the health of stroke patients both in terms of physical, mobility, and quality of life. Similarly, according to a new study published in the journal Stroke.

The study included 128 people with stroke in Jamaica which are divided into three different groups. The first group exercise such as walking routine three times a week, the second group received therapeutic massage, and a third group did not have it both ways.

As a result, the first group experienced improved quality of life based on physical health by almost 17 percent. They can run 18 percent farther in durability tests and has a heart rate 1.5 percent lower. While the second group had a heart rate nearly 7 percent higher.

"Walking is an excellent way to be active again after a stroke. Walking is an activity that is no stranger, inexpensive, and easy," said lead study Carron Gordon, who is also a lecturer in the physiotherapy department of the University of West Indies Jamaica.

Gordon added, walking can help control blood pressure, lower levels of fat, and keep your weight all of which are risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Hence also, the doctors are expected to advise the patient of stroke to walk with regular exercise. Botched stroke, patients usually become weak and afraid to do physical activity for fear of falling. In fact, this makes them difficult to maintain social relationships and return to activities of daily routine.

Therefore, the role of the people closest to it is important to convince the stroke patients to return to active running. To start a walking exercise, those closest to accompany the patient, until the patient slowly became more confident to be able to do the exercises themselves regularly.

Men and women study participants suffered a stroke six to 24 months before the study began and can not walk alone or with a walker. The average age of participants was 64 years. In addition to good stroke, walking is also good to avoid stroke. People need to walk at least 150 minutes per day, and 75 minutes per week for heavy physical activity.

The combination of both can be done. Such advice from the American Heart Association. As for patients with stroke, 20 to 60 minutes required for aerobic exercise, performed three to seven days a week.