Mouth odor, Indication of Gastric Cancer?

Gastric cancer is one type of cancer that has been difficult to diagnose effectively. However, a new study shows, bad breath can be one indicator of the disease. In a study published in the British Journal of Cancer revealed, bad breath showed 90 percent accuracy in indicating gastric cancer in 130 patients, and to determine how far the cancer progression.

Breath test performed with a nanomaterial sensors to analyze chemicals released from the breath. Unique chemicals that cause bad breath indicates the development of gastric cancer. So far, this method is the most simple, but accurate. If approved to be used widely, this method would be a big step for the medical world as it can detect more accurately gastric cancer early on.

Breath test was discovered by a team led by Dr Hossam Haick of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology with a nanomaterial containing microscopic sensors to find biomarkers particles from the air that remove it from the breath. This breath test method called discriminant factor analysis (DFA) pattern recognition or pattern recognition discriminant factor analysis. Detection of chemical patterns can distinguish the breath of breath caused by food that has just eaten or tobacco consumption.

"This initial study suggests that the breath test can be an alternative for the diagnosis of gastric cancer, endoscopic replace expensive and take a long time," said Haick.

During this time, gastric cancer is usually detected only when it has reached an advanced stage that was too late for effective treatment. This is due to the early symptoms of this type of cancer is almost similar to other gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal pain or heartburn. "Only one in five people (gastric cancer) that can perform the operation as part of the treatment. Remainder usually too late," said Kate Law, director of clinical research at Cancer Research.

The study is being developed to ensure its validity to be used widely. "The test can help to diagnose stomach cancer early will make the patient's life expectancy greater," Law said.