Overcoming Waist Pain

Pain at the bottom of the waist should not be taken lightly. Some cases can be cured after a massage, rest, or take medicine. However, back pain caused by a pinched nerve need serious treatment.

Cases of lower back pain originating in nerve pinched by bearing joints / vertebrae and ligaments (wrapper vertebrae). It occurs mostly in the bottom two segments of the spine so that pain is felt in the bottom of the waist.

"If left unchecked, the blood flow will be reduced, eventually the muscles will be weaker, smaller, and broken down so that the function and role. If the pinched nerve is released, there may not be recovered as before, "said Director Orthopaedic Hospital Prof. Dr. R Soeharso, Surakarta, Respati S Dradjat, Friday (22/3).

According to orthopedic specialists Traumatology, if the source of the problem is a pinched nerve, the patient will not be directly operated on, but got conservative treatment first. The shape including physiotherapy with lumbar traction (pulling the spine) to extend the soft tissue, muscle relaxation, and joint mobilization. This therapy will prevent complaints continue, so patients do not need surgery.

If after double therapy, pinched nerve back, a necessary operation. Similar measures already implemented if the muscle is weak. This is done with minimally invasive surgery. Previously, patients examined by means of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to determine the location of the pinched nerve.

"The advantages of minimally invasive surgery, reduced postoperative pain and faster healing of injuries a small operation, only need 3-4 inch incision. Patients also do not need a long hospitalization, "he said.

Minimally invasive surgery can be implemented with the support equipment, such as microscopes, navigation tools, and monitoring to help achieve maximum accuracy during surgery.

According to neurologist Nugroho Dzulkarnai Salim, if a nerve is pinched a thickened ligament, the ligament will be erased to make room for the nerves.

Replace bearings

If a nerve is pinched spinal pads, bearings will be taken or replaced with synthetic pads depending on the patient's condition. After minimally invasive surgery, the patient will receive training and physiotherapy to strengthen his muscles.

"If patients have high mobility, will be replaced synthetic pads, for example, of silicon. However, if you are elderly, quite taken cushions. Vertebrae can still move even a little stiff, "said Nugroho.

Lower back pain complaints experienced by many adults and the elderly. The cause is degeneration of the nerves that cause narrowing of the space due to thickened ligaments or deflate and shifting bearing joints. As a result, the nerve fibers pinched nerves or get out of the hole and become irritated.

Younger age can suffer from the same thing. The causes include excessive activity, such as lifting heavy weights and exercise without warming up or falling. Lower back pain caused by a pinched nerve will cause pain radiating in nature, such as the legs until your feet are perceived as tingling or numbness.

In the advanced stage, the patient can not tiptoe, not strong walking distance, as well as disorders of urination and large.