Build Kids Confidence

Children who are insecure or have low self-confidence, have a lot of obstacles to learning in school. He also would have trouble hanging out with his friends, so parents need to build confidence since early childhood.

Here are 7 steps that parents can do to help children build self-confidence, as reported Emaxhealth, Wednesday (27/03/2013):

1. Improve self confidence

Children learn from the things he sees, even including certain traits such as anger and fear. If you have low self confidence, children can also grow into a person who lacks confidence.

Therefore, the children begin to build confidence in yourself. Make a list of strengths and weaknesses you have and try not to think too much about the lack of it by maximizing the advantages that can be your strength.

2. Being positive mirror for children

A child does not just get the image of what people think about him or herself, but also how he sees himself through the eyes of others. This is especially true for preschool children who learn about themselves most of his parents' reaction.

So you need to be a positive reflection for your child. Children may mean that you do not like it if you are anxious facial expressions all the time, because it was immediately overcome by the stress of being misunderstood by the child.

3. Be careful in conveying the words

Children also need to get a reprimand for his mistakes, but it is not delivered with excessive words. Think before you speak and choose words carefully so as not to hurt her feelings to make it inadequate.

You just showed his mistake and asked him not to repeat it again. Any upset you, do not ever say rude things like you do not love or regret has given birth.

4. Take your time to play with the children

Children need support and attention from their parents. If you have more time to accompany the children to play, you can provide more feedback and praise the child for what he did.

It can facilitate the child recognize his self-image and can foster self-confidence.

5. Help children develop their talents and skills

Achievement is generating self-confidence is very large. Find out your child's talents and hobbies, then please support him in developing his talent. For example, if a child has the talent to sing, you may be able to provide a karaoke machine or motivate children to join in the vocal tutoring.

Children will be more confident when acquiring talent or achievement of other academic abilities. But it also teaches about the failure of the child so that he was not too disappointed and embarrassed when a failure.

6. Appreciate achievement

You can appreciate the achievements of children with praise, or install their work at home. You can frame your pictures of the results and put it in the living room so that children will be proud of his accomplishments and more confident.

7. Let your child choose his own friends

Children who are confident will have no difficulty in getting along with others, so let him choose his own friends. It is also one of the means of learning that children do not feel inferior. You just control the child socially, lest he get along with children who behave negatively as smoking and so on.