"Limb Salvage", Avoid Amputation

Cases of bone cancer is not as much of other cancers, such as breast, lung, or cervical. Because less recognize early symptoms, many people with bone cancer too late for treatment to the hospital. As a result, the patient's leg amputated to get rid of cancer cells.

Early detection of cancer of the bone is rather difficult because the early symptoms of bone pain only. It is often considered to be due to exhaustion or other non cancer causes. The difference with other disorders, pain for long persistent, kind or muscle cramps are interested, injury to the bone, and generally appeared lump in the bone.

"Often patients tolerate the pain arises. Pain and lumps that appear not to be taken seriously. In fact, the resulting lump could be an indication of primary bone cancer, "says Mujaddid Idulhaq, orthopedic oncology specialists from Orthopaedic Hospital Prof. Dr. R Soeharso in Sukoharjo, Central Java, on Tuesday (26/2).

Primary bone cancer is cancer that attacks directly to the bone. The secondary or metastatic bone cancer is cancer spread from other organs, such as breast, prostate, lung, thyroid, and kidney.

The most frequent type of cancer that attacks the bone are carcinomas can spread to other organs. Bone is the third most common organ invaded by metastatic cancer. The first bone metastatic cancer is usually affected pelvis or spine.

Lack of knowledge about bone cancer causes community erred in responding. They usually utilize bone pain medication over the counter or alternative treatment through massage or consecutively.

In fact, massage or bone massage which indicated cancer, Mujaddid, it can trigger the growth of cancer cells. Conditions bone pain can get worse.

"Of the patients we've ever handled, to say the half came when the cancer is severe and should be amputated. In fact, not a few are to amputation alone is not possible, so only given chemotherapy to suppress the further growth of cancer cells, "says Mujaddid.

In fact, if a patient comes to the hospital for treatment early on, amputation can be avoided. Condition, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves are healthy yet cancerous. Attacks can destroy the cancer on bone density. Malignant cancer that can occur in just two months in the form of a lump large enough until the patient can not walk if lumps appear on the knees.


To avoid amputation, according Mujaddid, the handling of limb salvage or limb salvage. In addition to saving limbs from amputation, limb salvage was also aimed at avoiding disability.

"Network cancers removed. If the bones were exposed, but the surrounding muscles, blood vessels, and nerves are still good, section irradiated bone cancer, then returned to the same spot. However, this can only be done in Jakarta, which is close to the National Nuclear Energy Agency, "said Mujaddid.

Another option, cut the cancerous bone and replacing it with an implant prosthesis made from steel, titanium, chromium, or cobalt. Joints of polyethylene material also paired for connecting bones. If there is a human bone allograft or donor, implants can also be used after sterilization. However, it is recognized Mujaddid, donor bone is very rarely available.

Therefore, Mujaddid stressed the need to be aware of the early symptoms of bone cancer. If bone pain is not immediately subside, you should immediately consult a health facility.