How to Avoid Counterfeit Drugs

Still the number of counterfeit drugs on the market have made ​​consumers more observant distinguish viable drug consumption or not.

Head of the Food and Drug Information Center Drug and Food Supervisory Agency (BPOM) Reri Indriani say, by naked eye counterfeit medicines is difficult to be distinguished of the original drug. The best method is through laboratory testing. Because it is the simplest way to prevent the consumption of counterfeit drugs purchased at a pharmacy that is reliable.

"To stop the circulation of counterfeit drugs are also needed counterfeit drug demand reduction of its own. Community must be more discerning and critical," he said.

Counterfeit drugs derived from waste medication that is outdated. Addition will not cure the disease, these drugs actually poison the body, even causing death.

In the event Ms. Friend BPOM titled "STOP: To be Avoided (from) Counterfeit Medicines" in Jakarta, Tuesday (03/28/2013), Reri gives tips to avoid fake drugs.

1. Purchase drugs in the official sale. Prescription drugs can only be obtained at a pharmacy with a doctor's prescription, while the drug-free and drug-only can be purchased in pharmacies and licensed drug stores.

2. Check the labels listed on the drug packaging, which includes a drug authorization number consists of 15 digits, the drug name, the name and address of the manufacturer, and the product expiration date.

3. Check the packaging carefully medicine. Drugs should be sealed properly, colors and writing on the package is still good, not faded or other defects.

4. Tell your doctor if it does not give the expected therapeutic effect or no improvement after taking the drug.