Headache Not Always Need to Consume Drug

Headaches are included in the complaint that everyone has experienced. Although headaches have eased, but you should not immediately take medicine when symptoms strike.

According to the head of the Food and Drug Information Center Drug and Food Supervisory Agency (BPOM) Reri Indriani, headaches can be caused by many things and should not be treated with medication. He said, it's better to focus on the cause rather than just using drugs to ease the pain.

"Drugs are chemicals that are harmful when consumed carelessly," said the show BPOM Companions Reri Mother entitled "STOP: To be Avoided (from) Counterfeit Drugs" on Thursday (28/03/2013) in Jakarta.

Painkillers, including migraine headaches, basically just serves to eliminate the symptoms, without curing the cause. Reri cite, for example, lack of sleep can cause headaches. So if a known cause of headaches is from lack of sleep, then sleep is the best medicine to relieve headaches are felt.

Several studies have shown that consumption of painkillers for long periods of time will cause various harmful contraindications. Such as heart disease, cancer and some neurological diseases.

Actually most of the headache will subside with rest. In addition there are several ways to relieve symptoms of headache without drugs, by massage, acupuncture, stretching, aerobics, meditation, yoga, relaxation exercises, hot and cold therapy, restrict certain foods, so with the help of electricity.