Healthy Digestion Affect Children's Intelligence

Healthy digestion not only affect the body's ability to absorb nutrients, but also affect the growth of the brain. In fact, some say the colon is the second most important human organ as the brain.

According to the exposure of a pediatrician from Children Growth Division Ahmad Suryawan, digestion affect the development of brain function known as the gut-brain axis.

"The brain needs energy to function properly. Digestive tract not only serves to absorb nutrients but also a two-way communication with the brain," he said at the launch of Happy Tummy Council in Jakarta (25/3/13).

Relations gut-brain axis, explained the doctor with Henry's familiar greeting, not as simple as the brain needs nutrients absorbed from the digestive system, but has a complex relationship because it involves three main body systems are the nervous system, immune system and hormone systems.

"So to maintain a healthy digestive system will greatly affect the development of brain function," said a doctor from the Hospital dr. Soetomo this.

Development of brain function, says Henry, has the critical period in time since I was in the womb until the age of 2 years. "Until children 2 years old, he already has 80 percent of the adult brain," said Henry.

Meanwhile, from age 2 to 6 years, children have 95 percent of the adult brain. Which means, until the age of 6 years and still say when the development of critical brain function.

Therefore, to obtain the optimal development of brain function, digestive health also needs to be very aware, especially at such a critical moment.

"Having regard to gastrointestinal health, then the child will acquire motor skills, communication, cognitive, maturation, emotional, social competence is good of the development of optimal brain function," he explained.

Apart from maintaining digestive health, said Henry, also takes good parenting, such as providing balanced nutrition and optimal stimulation to make the most critical development of brain function.