Get Fit with Bokwa Exercise

For those of you who enjoyed the spirited kind of aerobic exercise, now comes a new kind of a fun exercise, the Bokwa. Cardio exercise is claimed to be from South Africa is different from other types of exercise. Routine bokwa not only makes you more happy and excited, but also able to form the body.

Bokwa is one exercise that is based on dance movement that combines cardio, strength, and flexibility as well. Bokwa in Afrikaans as "bo" meaning fist and "kwa" which is a traditional dance Kwaito.

Bokwa created by dancer and instructor Paul Mavi in ​​2000. Because the movements are unique and fun, bokwa popularity quickly spread to other countries, such as USA, UK, Asian countries, up came in Indonesia.

According to the trainer from Gold's Gym Ponnie, new bokwa known by the people of Indonesia at the beginning of this year, but it is quite popular. Especially for people who attend his cardio classes  "First time at Gold's Gym, but now some places are to be found bokwa class," he said on the sidelines of the opening of a new branch of Gold's Gym at Gadjah Mada Plaza, Tuesday (03/26/2013).

Ponnie who received training directly from the creator bokwa, highly recommend bokwa as a fun cardio workout variations. "Bokwa incorporate some exercise at the same time, and that makes it fun is bokwa using numbers, letters, and words to the participants 'painting' movements while performing," he said.

Bokwa can help in healthy cardiovascular, strengthen muscles, improve coordination of body movements, and maintain flexibility. This exercise can increase stamina and shape your body better. "His movements fun and easy to follow," said Ponnie.

In site mentioned that the movements bokwa follow the structure of numbers or letters, so participants do not need to count footsteps as in other aerobic exercise movement. You just need to listen and enjoy the music and move freely without the need to follow a certain choreography. Feel the energy surge from the other participants so that you, too excited.

Bokwa can be followed by anyone, ranging from 4 years old to 75 years old people, men or women. Because the movements are fun and enjoyable, you will not even realize were burning 1,200 calories.