Fatigue is Not The Cause of Pregnant Difficulty

Fatigue is often regarded as the cause of the difficulty of having offspring, especially in couples who are busy working. In fact, fatigue is not the direct cause of impaired fertility.

In a survey of fertility in more than 200 patients in Jakarta known to a majority of respondents said that menstrual disorders and lifestyle, especially fatigue as a cause of difficult pregnancy.

Yet according to the explanation dr.Budi Wiwengko, Sp.OG, tired from work not related to female fertility.

"A lot of women who get pregnant after stop working then. Thing it could be as long as it is actively working frequency of sex decreased. Having finished housewife sex so regularly," said the doctor who is familiarly called Iko this.

Sex regularly, ie 2-3 times per week, will increase the chances of pregnancy. "Nearly 75 percent of women will become pregnant within a period of 6 months after marriage if regular sexual relations," said a specialist fertility clinic Yasmin from RSCM Jakarta.

High physical activity, such as the marathon athletes by Iko it can cause fertility problems. "It's hard because there is an interruption egg maturation," he added.

According to experts from MayoClinic high-intensity exercise can reduce the production of the hormone progesterone that disrupts the process of egg maturation.

Any women who experience menstrual disorders, such as menstruation few months, severe pain every period, or never menstruated, need to find the cause. "If no menstruation means the egg can not be fertilized, it will not get pregnant," he said.

Iko suggested that fertility examination as early as possible. "Although not married, if there is interference with the menstrual cycle should be checked," he said.