Do not Do a Tooth Extraction When Have Toothaces

Have you ever heard of a doctor's advice to ease your toothache if you want to pull a tooth? It is not merely to scare you, but it has its own benefits for health.

Relieves sore tooth before taking action pulling teeth is very important. This way it can keep you from the things that are not desirable that interfere with your health.

"Not without reason, dentists often recommend you to relieve toothache before pulling out. Tooth usually triggers swelling of the gums, making anesthesia did not work. Because the fluid or pus filled gums swollen nerves, "said drg. Zaura Rini, MDS, as Chairman PB PDGI, at an event Pepsodent Dental Celebrates World Health Day, in Gandaria City Mall recently.

In addition to non-functioning of the anesthetic on the gums, tooth pain will also create a lot of complications if you force pulling teeth still hurt.

"Dental pain caused by the hole would normally trigger an infection. If the action on the teeth fatal infections, such as swollen gums, will trigger cuts, and bleeding. Generally, when an infection occurs, the body can experience interference to stop the bleeding. Things like this would be a very high risk to your health, "said drg. Rini.