8 Tips for Keeping Kidneys Healthy

As an important organ for the body's metabolic system, the kidneys need to be kept healthy. If not maintained properly, the kidneys can lead to rapid deterioration and complications from cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, damage to the parathyroid glands.

Maintaining kidney health is actually not as difficult as imagined. The main thing you need to do is to avoid factors that may increase the risk of kidney disease. Healthy lifestyle choices can also help improve general health, as well as reduce the risk of kidney disease.

Researchers Liliana Jimenez from Danone Research International, said there are at least eight attempts should be made to maintain kidney health. Here are eight tips presented in a media gathering to celebrate the global renal Wednesday (06/03/2013) yesterday in Jakarta:

1. Keep your health and remain active

Life is meant the physical activity. Be active moves to keep healthy body including your kidneys.

2. Keep your blood sugar levels remain stable

Diabetes a risk factor for kidney disease. According to data from the Indonesian Renal Registry (IRR) in 2010, diabetes accounted for 25 percent of the causes of kidney disease.

3. Keep your blood pressure

High blood pressure is the highest cause of kidney disease continues to increase over the past five years. Based on data from the IRR in 2010, high blood pressure cause kidney disease by 35 percent.

4. Healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight

Foods that contain toxins like synthetic dyes and preservatives may also interfere with healthy kidneys. Medical specialist in internal medicine from the hospital dr. Ciptomangunkusumo (RSCM) Parlindungan Siregar said on the same occasion, beverages like tea or coffee if too many are taken every day can contribute to the formation of kidney stones. Then you need to balance it with plenty of drinking water.

5. Inadequate fluid needs

Fluid sufficient importance to kidney. You can meet these needs through a variety of ways such as eating fruits or vegetables that contain a lot of water or even drink water regularly. If you routinely move in conditions and situations that require a lot of sweat, drink two to three liters per day so that you will not become dehydrated.

6. Avoid smoking

Smoking has long been known as a trigger and a risk factor for many serious diseases, including kidney disease.

7. Not taking random drug

Chemical drugs are foreign substances that can make the kidneys work load becomes heavy. It is recommended not to consume drugs carelessly. "We recommend that you consume any drugs prior consultation with a doctor," said Parlindungan.

8. Check renal function routinely immediately if they have one or more risk factors

Form of examination may be measuring glomerular filtration rate (LFG) and the presence of protein in the urine.