Pregnant Women Do not Lazy to Eat Vegetables

Many parents who are having trouble to educate their children to like vegetables and fruits. Yet according to a study, recognition and training eat vegetables or fruit should have been done since the child's parents are still in the womb.

"Biologically babies tend to gravitate towards foods that contain sugar and salt, instead of bitter foods such as green vegetables. For that they should be exposed to fruits and vegetables early on that if parents want their kids love it. Fortunately, our study found that infants can learn healthy food in a still very early age, "says researcher Dr Julie Mennella of the Monell Center in Philadelphia, USA.

So if a mother eats lots of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy and breastfeeding the child will be able to eat fruit at weaning. In other words during pregnancy every woman needs to eat a lot of healthy foods so that when their baby needs to grow up and begin to be weaned, they will be familiar with the taste of fruit and vegetables.

After making observations on 46 infants aged between 6 months to a year eating cereal taste like carrots note that when pregnant mothers drank carrot juice several times a week.

Apparently habit encourage their children to love the taste of carrots cereal when weaned, even consumption is two times more than children whose mothers did not drink a lot of carrot juice while pregnant. Children whose mothers drank carrot juice often eat cereal as much as 80 grams of carrots, while children whose mothers do not like carrot juice carrot just ate cereal were 44 grams.

"This situation shows that basically every human being severely affected by the first exposure, especially since in the womb. Moreover, children have a sensor-specific information in the mother's womb and through breast milk," said Dr Mennella, reports the Daily Mail, Sunday (17 / 2/2013).

But that does not mean babies fed breast milk alone can be trained to eat vegetables and fruit is better than babies fed milk bottles. Because Dr. Mennella also found that babies who drink milk from a bottle tend to receive fruits and vegetables more quickly if the fruits and vegetables have been awarded since the babies begin to eat solid foods.

This is shown by the researchers tried to give the green beans in a baby for 8 days. On the first day, these babies on average eat 50 grams of green beans but 8 days later consumption increased to 80 grams.

"So regardless of the baby fed with breast milk or by the bottle, they can still learn to eat fruits and vegetables after weaning as long as fruit and vegetables has been described repeatedly. This way they will immediately receive taste these foods," said Dr. Mennella.


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