It is Useless Drinking Vitamin C Without Exercise

As you began to not feel well, vitamin C is needed to keep the immune system. Various studies have proven benefits. But new research suggests that vitamin C be useless if not accompanied by exercise.

Research conducted in Finland proved that the consumption of vitamin C showed no benefit in people who are lazy or often termed couch potato. But if diligent exercise, vitamin C can reduce the risk of colds by 50 percent.

By involving 11,000 participants, the research conducted by scientists from the University of Helsinki is to compare the relationship between vitamin C intake with the risk of ailments such as cough and cold. Physical activity also compared participants.

One of the participants in this study was a teenage swimmer has a cold. Giving low-dose vitamin C supplementation was able to accelerate the healing process adolescent to 2-fold compared to the previous estimate of recovery.

"The failure of vitamin C supplementation in reducing the risk of colds in the general population suggests that the benefits can not be ascertained, but it is useful for those who are exposed to physical activity," said Harri Hemild and Elizabeth Chalker who conducted this study as quoted by the Daily Mail, Saturday (16/2 / 2013).

Another conclusion drawn in this study is that children's responses to vitamin C is better than adults. In children, vitamin C reduce the risk of colds by 18 percent while only 8 percent of adults.

However, excess vitamin C is not without risk. A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine showed that men who are too often taking supplements of vitamin C may have kidney stones.


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