Negative Faith Can Destroy Diet

When dieting, many things that affect the success of a person's ideal weight gain. But there are some negative beliefs that can actually destroy your diet.

It takes a process to achieve a healthy weight, but unfortunately a lot of people who want to get an instant so believe in the wrong things when dieting.

Following the negative beliefs that can damage and destroy your diet plan, as quoted by Medindia on Thursday (02/21/2013), namely:

1. Avoiding breakfast so skinny

This is how weight loss is unhealthy, because it triggers the overeating at lunch and chose the wrong food. For that skip breakfast tend to put people into a yo-yo diet.

2. No problem is not exercise, eat a strict set of origin

Sports is something that can not be replaced when he was losing weight, because exercise helps to burn more calories throughout the day as well as improve muscle that forms the body more beautiful. Exercise at least 150 minutes per week is recommended.

3. Breakfast cereal is a healthy food

Cereal with milk is not a healthy breakfast option, especially if you use instant cereal. This is because most cereals are high in calories, sugar, sodium and other additives.

4. Nuts are fattening

In fact, nuts contain good fats, vitamin E, protein, B vitamins and fiber. If you can limit yourself to either the bean could be a glut of food. Nuts healthy if eaten in quantity and time, choose peanuts, almonds and walnuts.

5. Ignoring food group

A balanced diet helps people feel full and good nutrition, it is important to know the food groups of macro and micro. Since eliminating one particular food group can backfire and risk of nutritional deficiencies.

6. Considering every day

Considering the body every day can reduce motivation and trigger stress can derail a diet ends. Should enough weights a week or once a month, so the curves can be made to see how the pattern of weight loss.

7. Instantly switch to diet pills

It takes hard work and a process to lose weight and keep it off permanently. If using diet pills, one is to lose weight, but generally can not last long because it does not change the habit to switch to a healthy lifestyle.

8. Eliminating carbohydrates

Eliminating carb diet is not the right choice, because the body still needs carbohydrates for energy. To overcome choose complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, baked potatoes or wheat can make the body full longer and contain fiber and minerals.

9. Reduce your intake of fluids

Many people think the liquid can add weight that tends to reduce the intake of fluids. And drink plenty of water is important for bodily functions such as transporting nutrients, maintaining blood volume and remove waste. Fluid can also fill the stomach send signals to the brain that the body has had enough to eat.

10. Choosing a low-calorie snack

Currently, many low-calorie snacks that are sold in the market as an option for people who are dieting. But unfortunately because it is low in calories, many people are actually eating and not exercising because of excessive calorie intake to think small.