Most Women Only Hold Diet for 5 Weeks

Social demands and trends encouraged the women to always look slim and perform a variety of ways in order to lose weight. One of the most frequent use is their diet.

But a new study reveals that the average woman can only survive on the same diet for five weeks, two days and 43 minutes. Only one in seven women (13 per cent) in the UK who can still survive with a diet for 13 weeks or more and only one in four women (19 percent) who would not touch his favorite food for a month.

However, only one in 10 women (8 percent) who lost his motivation to continue the diet after one week and 16 percent who gave up after two weeks.

Research conducted on 1,000 women was also found that the average British woman's first time on a diet at the age of 26 years, but only one in three women (33 percent) who started the diet program between the ages of 15-20 years.

From there, researchers concluded a number of underlying reasons for the respondent on a diet. The most popular respondents reson was surprised when I saw photos of them or accidentally saw his reflection in the window or store window.

Some respondents also admitted they thought dieting after pregnancy. Even the other respondents were forced to diet after suspecting cheating spouse or their sex life begins to decline.

There were also respondents who claimed to lose weight to be dating again after a breakup or when realized if the respondent is the fattest in the office. Not only that, many respondents hurry to thin after a meeting or reunion with old friends and see their pictures were not so interesting on Facebook.

But the company-sponsored studies sugar substitute, Splenda is also revealed there are factors that hinder the respondents to dieting. Because one third of women experienced a weight gain of an average of 1.7 pounds while dieting.

6 of 10 women (59 percent) say that addiction to certain foods make them feel it difficult to diet, while the other respondents feel diets were difficult because they simply love food (42 percent) and depression (30 percent).

Other factors, a number of respondents are responsible for shopping and cooking for her family and often dine outdoors.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (14/02/2013), in fact, the researchers found that the diet efforts are often hampered by factors of dieters, couples and friends dieters. This is because most of the respondents admitted to not hold if offered a certain snack is chocolate (48 percent), chips (31 percent), cheese (26 percent) and bread (26 percent). Similarly, biscuits, cakes to candies or sweets.

Interestingly, researchers also uncovered some strange things done in order to survive the respondents diet efforts. There are intentionally not eating with the family, eating foods that are cold to eliminate your appetite, buy clothes that are too small, given the lock on the pantry, even sleep faster.