11 Signs of Obsession for Petite Starting Unhealthy

Fat is a risk factor for many diseases, but also the desire to lean more healthy if it is excessive. Excessive size also varies, but can be judged from the appearance of eating disorders. What are the signs?

Here are some signs that show that a person is obsessed with emaciated that eating disorders, as quoted from the Healthy Living MSN, Tuesday (02/12/2013).

1. Never satisfied with body shape
"Negative thoughts and obsessive about body shape and size, which is a key reason in a variety of eating disorders, can occur very early," said Cynthia Bulik, PhD, an expert on eating disorders from the University of North Carolina.

Often complain of yourself like "How come I'm fat yes," is an example of an unhealthy self-image as obsessed with thinness.

2. Excessive exercise
Routine and scalable is key to a good workout. If it is excessive, then the sport is no longer healthy and even show any symptoms of eating disorders such as anorexia. Excessive size would vary, but arguably not natural that one day just is not sporting panicked, or still forced to exercise self despite illness or injury.

3. Prestige right eating in public
Always restless if you're eating in a public place is not a good sign. For example, feeling as if everyone is looking and judging. The feeling is often experienced by people with anorexia eating disorders.

4. Growing hairs
People who are malnourished in a long time usually will grow fine hair on my arms and other body parts. Fine hair called lanugo is often found in people with anorexia and physical adaptations of fat loss and weight improperly.

5. Like cook meals for others
Anorexic do not like eating, but usually like to see other people eating. Love to cook and prepare food for others but himself not fond of eating can be a sign of anorexia. In some cases, men with anorexia hobby collecting recipes.

6. Dry skin and spotty
Signs of dehydration such as dry skin and spotty often found in people with anorexia. The impact is more bad is dry mouth, sunken eyes and electrolyte imbalance in the body fluids.

Another skin disorder that is often found Russell's sign or scar on the back of the hand. Bulimia patients injured because the back teeth scraped his hand while trying to induce vomiting.

7. Often cold
Reduced body fat causes a person is difficult to adapt to the cold weather. Anorexic often prefer to use warm clothes despite the sunny weather.

8. Cheek swelling
Swelling often occurs along the line of the jaw in patients with eating disorders anorexia-bullimia. This condition is sometimes accompanied by swelling of the salivary glands.

9. Obsessed with healthy food
People with eating disorders do not only limit the portion of food, there is also a limit choice or unusual diet named orthoreksia. In many cases, orthoreksia characterized by picky considered healthy foods often develop into anorexia in general.

10. Got a special ritual before eating
Anorexia is often accompanied by behavioral disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), such as, cut up into pieces or preparing food according to the food pattern. Sometimes this ritual is often done to divert attention from the portion is too little and unnatural.

11. Like to make a strange combination of menu
Actually, this trend is more often found in the behavior of overeating. The more bizarre the combination, the greater the tendency to overeat. But in essence, this trend often appears in people with eating disorders and probably also appear in people with anorexia.


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