Jealousy Is a Disease

During this time, jealousy was always regarded as a feeling like happy, sad and fall in love. But recently, scientists from Italy claim that jealousy is a disease.

Italian scientists from the University of Pisa have found regions of the human brain, which can make such an incredible feeling jealous, when the area affected.

Response in the area were also found in the brains of patients with schizophrenia, alcohol addiction, and Parkinson's disease. According to scientists, a disease that affects the brain is accompanied by symptoms of jealousy.

The area under study covers the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, which governs feelings such as empathy and guilt. Jealousy is also connected to other areas of the brain, the amygdala, which is responsible for fear and anxiety.

Scientists believe that jealousy is a pathological disease, known as 'Othello syndrome', as reported by Geniusbeauty, Wednesday (02/06/2013).

This title refers to William Shakespeare's play entitled 'Othello', which tells the story of a man who can kill his own wife for burning jealousy.

Lead investigator who is also a neuropsychiatrist, Donatella Marazzi, said that jealousy does not come by itself. There is a biochemical imbalance in the body that turns jealousy into dangerous obsession.

According to researchers, in an extreme form, can provoke jealousy terrible consequences that can drive a person to commit suicide or murder.