The Beginning of Coca-cola

Everytime Coca-Cola  adorn our beverages, it is the most popular softdrink in the world. Anytime and anywhere, This soft drink is always present near us. But did you know the history of coca-cola?

Coca-Cola was first sold at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1886. The change of the weather in that region makes Atlatan became a dry place and make people in Atlanta looking for a cool beverages. In the beginning this softdrink's sales is not good, though this drinks only sold by five cents a glass, about one dollar if measured by the value of money at this time. 

jacob's pharmacy

In the early days, Coca-Cola's sales in a single day only about 14 glasses, really far away if compare to  today's sales about 12,600 packing every second. According to the history, the pharmacist, Dr. John Smith Pemberton makes the production of Coca-Cola in a three-legged copper cartels. In the first year of Coca-Cola, its selling yields only USD 50 with marketing and advertising costs increased to USD 73,96. 

Pemberton knew how to make a good product but he is not talented in marketing. Sales volumes remain small, because coca-cola are only sold locally. So, he started doing some agreement to help his business.