Low Calorie Diet Make Your Body More Vulnerable to Flu

Do not just select a diet method to lose weight, especially in the rainy season like this where the flu virus more easily spread. Excessive low-calorie diet can make you more susceptible to the flu.

The rainy season is always associated with outbreaks of flu virus is characterized by cough, runny nose, fever and muscle aches. According to a recent study conducted at Michigan State University, the flu virus is known to be easier to attack people with low calories.

The study was conducted in 2008, led by a professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Elizabeth Gardner, PhD. Gardner and colleagues found that rats on a diet that restricts calories more susceptible to influenza viruses and have more severe symptoms than the normal mice on a diet.

Although studies using mice as its object, but may also apply to humans.

"Initially we designed a study to determine whether diet by limiting calorie intake may help boost the immune system, but it turns out the research indicates otherwise," Gardner said, as reported by health, Thursday (01/10/2013).

The authors state that the intake of calories during flu season can actually ward off the virus or at least can ease symptoms and speed recovery. The low caloric intake causes a person does not have the antibodies to fight infection.

"Mice with fat reserves have a source of energy to help fight infection, but low-calorie diet cause the mice began to use fat as a source other than muscle and heart tissue to fight infection, but it can weaken the body's defenses," said Gardner.

So as to ensure that the body is not susceptible to the flu virus, note the proper way to diet. Do not go on a diet to restrict calories, but balancing calorie food as needed and not excessive.

The body still needs the nutrients from foods including calories, so do not omit menu calorie foods such as grains, tubers, rice, or avocado in your diet. These foods can help the body build up defenses against the flu virus.