Diet Strategy: Consider To Burn Calories Before Take Food

If someone knows how much of the calories from the food he eats, he will be easier to maintain her weight. This strategy would be more effective if you know how much effort you need to burn off the calories from the food to prevent weight gain.

Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has conducted research to understand how much the sports movement to do to burn calories. This appears to be one of the best diet strategy.

The study involved more than 800 adult women are asked to select food menu online from the website of a fast-food restaurant. The participants were randomly divided into 4 groups and each group was given a different menu format.

List menu for the first group did not include calorie information, menus with calorie information second, third menu lists calorie information plus how-minute running time needed to burn calories, and a fourth menu with calorie information as well as how many miles the distance that needs to be taken to burn calories.

For example, one item in the menu lists that the burger contains 250 calories and calories can be burned by walking for 78 minutes or have to walk as far as 26 km.

Participants in the first group to order food without knowing the calorie content, the average eating food that contains about 1020 calories. The amount is half of the daily calorie needs of women and 40 percent of the needs of men.

Group of participants who received the diet with calorie information, the average pick foods that contain about 927 calories. While the group of participants who received food menu with a list of time it takes to burn calories in food, on average only consume about 916 calories.

The last group who knows how far he had to walk to burn off the calories from the food in the diet, the average pick foods that contain about 826 calories.

This indicates that the menu that lists how much a person must walk to burn off the calories of food he eats, can make someone think twice to order high-calorie foods. Most people prefer to eat foods that are low in calories than have to walk tens of kilometers to burn calories and prevent weight gain.

Based on these results, it is important to know how much effort it takes to burn the calories of each food you eat to the amount of total calorie intake per day does not exceed the requirement. The study is published in the journal Appetite, as reported thedoctorwillseeyounow, Friday (04/01/2013).


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