Caution, Risk That Can Appear if Losing Weight Too Fast

In an age of instant today many people want to lose weight in quick time. Without realizing it, some risks may arise if the weight loss is too fast.

One of the resolutions at the beginning of the year is to lose weight, but unfortunately a lot of people want to get the ideal body weight in a short time and using unsafe diet.

Here are some of the risks that could arise if the weight loss is too fast, as quoted from Timesofindia, Friday (01/04/2013), namely:

1. Did not last long

Before determining the method of weight loss, you should select a method that can last a long time. Generally weight loss too quickly tend not to last long, and lead to yo-yo dieting (weight up again and even more than the weight down).

As is known yo-yo dieting can cause many problems one of which increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

2. Trigger dehydration

The most famous techniques in losing weight quickly is dehydration technique, which body fluids excreted through urine excessive or frequent bowel movements.

This technique can be very dangerous and cause serious health problems such as fainting, dizziness, and heart palpitations. Sometimes continues on muscle damage or death.

3. Poor sleep patterns

Rapid weight loss can make a person feel tired because of the amount of calorie intake is reduced, so that the metabolic rate drops and leads to worsening sleep patterns.

4. gallstones

The gall bladder helps keep the fat until the time it takes. Rapid weight loss can lead to gallstones (hardened cholesterol that looks like a rock). Small stones can cause severe damage caused by an infection in the normal flow of bile from the gallbladder to the small intestine.

5. malnutrition

Usually the plan to lose weight quickly make people limit themselves to certain foods. This restriction makes a person lose the real nutrients needed for the body thus causing malnutrition.

6. Triggers Stress

Deliberately make yourself feel hungry to lose weight will lead to decreased metabolic rate which in turn increases the stress hormone cortisol, due to the high stress hormones makes the body that can affect the mental, physical and emotional.

7. Hair Loss

Hair needs protein to grow and healthy. But the diet plan like this that most people avoid protein malnutrition hair that makes it dry, brittle and eventually lead to hair loss.

8. Accumulate Fat

When diet gives your body the signal for the body to use excess fat reserves, but once someone lost weight she would return to normal. This triggers the accumulation of extra fat in the body, sometimes fat accumulates more precisely than ever before.

9. Interfere With Metabolism

Diet to lose weight quickly will give a signal to the body to survive, one with a slow metabolism. These changes can cause severe disturbances in metabolic rate and body.

10.  Other Health Problems

Due to the lack of supply of nutrients that are important for the body to make someone higher risk of health problems such as muscle weakness, anemia or constipation. If these symptoms are not treated, it can cause serious damage to health.


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