Constipation Can Overcome by Sports?

It does not need to doubt that regular exercise is beneficial to health. But others say constipation can be treated with exercise, is that right?

"Well, it depends on the type of constipation you have," says Professor Terry Bolin, gastroenterologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of NSW,Sunday (06/01/2013).

Exercise usually can help relieve a simple constipation. Most people experience constipation due to a change in routine such as the wrong diet or traveling to new places that cause a simple constipation.

Prof Bolin explains exercise can relieve constipation as it stimulates the nervous system and helps the muscles and nerves in the intestine to work better and optimal.

"There is no special training to help overcome constipation, whether it's doing the gym, swimming, running or cycling does not matter, as long as you do something," said Prof Bolin.

However, if constipation lasts longer as a genetic condition, constipation that has developed since childhood or adolescence, the exercise just a little help reduce the symptoms of constipation.

"There is a young woman who suffered from severe constipation and may not defecate for 1-2 weeks, then the sport tend not to offer the benefits in this condition," he said.

Normally during the digestive process, the food will move along the colon with muscle contraction induced by stimulation of nerves in the bowel wall. In people who suffer from long constipation predicted problems is in the nervous system that controls the nerves.

The main causes of constipation simple is bad diet lacking in fiber, because fiber can serve to stimulate bowel contractions that help move food along the digestive tract.


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