Cancer in Children Can not Be Prevented, Bring to a Doctor if You Notice These symptoms

Cancer in children can not be prevented. Because the causes of cancer in children is generally not known. Because it immediately brought the child to the doctor if there is anything suspicious in children.

"The causes of cancer in children is unknown. Interactions function but suspected chemical, radiation, genetic," said childhood cancer expert Dr. Edi Setiawan Tehuteru Sp.A (K), MHA, IBCLC, at home Anyo, Jl Pure Orchid Nelli A110, Slipi, West Jakarta, and was written on Monday (28/01/2013). Anyo house is a temporary shelter to children with cancer.

Because cancer in children can not be prevented, so that parents can do is be aware of the symptoms. "I suspect because the child was pale, fever, and bleeding so check first to see a doctor. Because it can be suspected leukemia," said Dr. Eddie.

In addition, if you find a lump in its body, so do not be left. Moreover, if the lump grew in a short time. Should be checked to avoid things that are not desirable.

Even if you see a white spot in the middle of the baby's eyes seemed to shine when the light hit, or crossed eyes suddenly. Because it can be suspected as retinoblastoma or cancer of the cornea.

If the child complains of dizziness, vomiting spraying, paralysis, and impaired balance the suspect brain cancer. If the child's abdomen bulge with no apparent reason, then do not often pressed-press. You should immediately take the child to the doctor.

"The earlier cancer is detected, the greater the likelihood of a cure," said Dr. Eddie.

Dr. Edi cautioned that parents do not delay in treating children. Because delays will only make things worse.

"If caught early there is retinoblastoma, treatment can be done to minimize the removal of the eyeball. Similarly with other cancers," said a doctor who practiced in hospitals Dharmais this.