The Secret Of Telepathy

By mastering the science of telepathy are many things that will be translated into reality. So, what exactly is meant by telepathy ?

Above questions were often appears among lay people. Etymologically, the word telepathy comes from the word "TELE" which means "Far" and the word "pathos" which means "feeling". Because it can be concluded that telepathy is an ability to perceive things from a distance. Knowingly or not, we actually often experience symptoms of such telepathy. Symptoms such as when to say something to a friend, but at the same time our friends were saying the same words with which we wish to say.


The above examples, may seem as an event that could occur due to coincidental aspects. This assessment is not entirely wrong. But behind what is regarded as a coincidence, behold the power of telepathy worked knots affect our nervous reflexes. -->

In the 18th century, there was a Swedish scholar named Emanuel Swedenborg who are interested in Occultisme. Once upon a time he was in a meeting with a number of scholars. But suddenly he left the meeting and immediately ran out saying there is a fire in Stockholm. Seeing strange shown by Emanuel, the honest people in attendance thought he was crazy again. But later an hour later, news came in Stockholm a great fire and burned many houses in the city including the meeting place of Emanuel. Perhaps, we consider the events or anything like that mediocre.Yes we may consider, once again just a coincidence. But the symptoms of this kind developed so that it becomes a science that we know as the science of telepathy.

If categorized into types, then telepathy can be divided into two parts:

1. Telepathic Wisdom The ingredients used in the telepathic wisdom is very simple, because Muslims must have memorized every surah Al Fatihah. As the Mother of the Book of surah Al Fatihah contains many things that are useful for the world and the hereafter. one of them to telepathy. By sending a letter of Al-Fatihah by certain ways we can treat someone who is restless, anxious and stress from long distance. This is clearly not a coincidence.

2. Spiritual Telepathy Spiritual telepathy has many ways in which the perpetrator and the various ritual be held. ranging from the mundane to the eccentric exists. Spiritual telepathy is indeed very popular among our society because of its ability to be used for various things, one of them to communicate over long distances.

Important things in telepathy
Some things to watch out for someone who wants to do telepathy, the important thing is to be good at adjusting the position of the room where he usually carry out telepathy. Next is:
a. Do not wear a scent that stung.
b. Far from the crowd, this can be tricked by telepathy at night.
c. Avoid flashy colors such as red and yellow.
d. Avoid the room we do telepathy from direct sunlight.
e. Arrangements should not be too bright a light as it can break our concentration.

How to make suggestions
When performing a suggestion we should be able to unify and harmonize with the will of our inner speech. Here we can use the suggestions short, dense and contained.Suggestions that have been programmed to be stored and recorded in our subconscious, do not try to change it because the concentration will obviously disturbed. It also meant that our subconscious is accustomed to receiving a positive suggestion or advice. Because basically the inner strength to work in accordance with what was ordered by our unconscious first. So before suggest others we must suggest our mind and our unconscious first.


Suggestion could be confidence that any suggestion that you send to others will be able to influence the unconscious person.

How to train concentration
Concentration is needed when doing telepathy, because the concentrate is a very important role to achieve the object that was about to go. However, to achieve a perfect concentration one must diligently practice. Among these exercises you can do by reading a book while listening to the radio. You try to concentrate on reading the book so as not to hear again the voice of the radio. very nice if you could read the alphabet back and forth without either pronounce. This means nearly perfect.If it means you will easily through the conduct of concentration and telepathy.

An expert is highly charged telepathy must be able to concentrate and mental visualization to create a destination object. Visualization can be shaped light with a telepathic link between objects. Here should be explained that at the time you should be able to concentrate on presenting images of people who will be your object, with a record of the figure should be clear and not intermittent. Once you master these things then filled with the suggestion that becomes your goal. In everyday life you may have seen or experienced a psychic mind reader who becomes his interlocutor. For the layman this might be so amazing at all, but not so with those who mastered the science of telepathy. It is very reasonable for anyone to master telepathy, or at least been able to suggest subconscious.

Here are some tips to not be able to telepathically read your mind:

1. Interrupted his concentration Do the things that are less pleasing in his heart until he was annoyed. If he hooked it means you've managed to break his concentration. Concentration divided normally difficult to do things that are subtle, such as telepathy yes it was.

2. Keep your distance Never you concentrate with telepathy expert because if you consult an expert telepathic means you're on the part of the surrender and defeat. Thus, the expert will be able to telepathically easily catch waves emitted mind / your subconscious. So he too easily guessed. Telepathy is a value-free science. That is, if science is dominated by high-minded it would be beneficial for many people, but conversely if ruled by evil people then it is very dangerous. Telepathy, hypnosis and real triumvirate of science, having almost the same work: the object of influencing the subconscious.