The Benefits Of Fasting

1. When fasting was an increase in HDL cholesterol and apoprotein alfa1, and decreased LDL proved very beneficial for heart health and blood vessels. Some of the research "chronobiological" show during Ramadan fasting affects the circadian rhythms decrease the distribution of body temperature, cortisol, melatonin and glisemia. Various minor changes even though it also seems to play a role for the improvement of human health.

Benefit of Fasting

2. Psychological state of calm, quiet and not filled with anger when fasting was found to decrease adrenaline. When anger was increasing the amount of adrenaline by 20-30 fold. Adrenaline will minimize muscle contraction bile, peripheral blood vessels constrict, expand vessel coronary blood, increasing blood pressure rterial and increase the volume of blood to the heart and the number of heartbeats. Adrenaline also adds to the formation of cholesterol from fat low density protein. These developments may increase the risk of vascular disease, heart and brain such as coronary heart disease, stroke and others. -->

3. The number of dead cells in the body reaches 125 million per second. When fasting there are changes and massive conversion of amino acids that accumulate from food. Before being distributed in the body occurs reformat. Thus providing new opportunities bud cells to repair and restore function and performance. Fasting diet can supply fatty acids and essential amino acids during meal and break the fast. Forming shoots of protein, fat, phosphate, cholesterol and others to build new cells and clean up the fat cells that clot in the heart.

4. Fasting can reduce blood sugar levels, cholesterol and controlling blood pressure.That is why fasting is highly recommended for the treatment of those suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and high blood pressure. Under certain conditions, a patient is even permissible to fast, except those who are already suffering from severe diabetes, coronary heart disease and kidney stones. Fasting can keep a full stomach caused a lot of eating is the main cause for various diseases, especially obesity, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and diseases caused by excess nutrients.

5. Being among the benefits in terms of health of fasting is to cleanse the intestines, improve the work of digestion, cleanse the body from the remains of food and sediment, reduce obesity and excess fat in the abdomen.

6. Including the benefits of fasting is to break the appetite. Because excessive, Balk in any food or drink and intercourse with the wife, could push the evil lust, ingratitude and the resulting reluctance inadvertence.

7. Cessation of water intake during fasting is very effective in improving the concentration of urine in the kidneys and increase urine osmotic strength to reach 1000 to 12,000 osmosis ml / kg water. In certain circumstances this will be a member protection against renal function. Water shortage in the fast turns can minimize the volume of water in the blood. This condition results encourage the performance of local regulatory mechanisms of blood vessels and increase the prostaglandins, which in turn spur job function and red blood cells.

8. In the fasting state was found to increase the immune system. Research shows when fasting occurs increasing lymphocytes up to tenfold. Although the overall white blood cells did not change was the rapid increase T cells. Accidental changes of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), without being followed by the addition of HDL. LDL lipoprotein is a model that give stumulatif influence the immune response.

9. In recent research indicate that a decline in apobetta levels, raising levels of apoalfa1 than before fasting. Such conditions may keep aiming for heart disease and blood vessels.

10. Endocrinology research suggests that diet during fasting is rotatif a burden in the assimilation of food in the body. This situation resulted in spending on the digestive system hormones and insulin in large quantities. Decrease in various hormones is one of the secrets of living long-term.

11. Other benefits shown in research on male fertility. In a study conducted research on the hormone testosterone, prolactin, lemotin, and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), turns out the final conclusions of these studies fasting beneficial in sperm formation through changes in hypothalamic-pituatari testicular hormones and the influence of the two testes.

12. Another benefit that needs further research is the influence of fasting on the improvement of people with sore joints (arthritis) or rheumatoid arthritis. The parameters studied were neutralizing the function of cells (neutrophils) and clinical progression of patients. The study concluded that there is a correlation between improvement in arthritis and increased the ability of neutralizing cells in eradicating the bacteria.

13. In a journal of endocrine and metabolic studies reported fasting is associated with hormones and male sexual performance. The study looked virility hormone levels (testosterone), stimulants sac (FSH) and lemotin (LH). Changes in levels of various hormones in each week. In the early stages of decline in hormone testosterone obtained resulting decrease in sexual desire but do not disturb the network of fertility.But only temporarily because of a few days after fasting hormone testosterone and sexual performance improved greatly exceeded earlier.

14. Even a researcher in Moscow doing research on a thousand people with mental disorders including sizofrenia. Apparently around 65% with fasting there is a significant improvement of mental condition. Various other studies show it also reduces the risk of Ramadan fasting obesity, protects the body from kidney stones, curb sexual turmoil among the young and other diseases are still a lot more.

15. Our thoughts are slowed down when hungry, turned out to be sharper. Instinctively, this scientific evidence could be accepted with the fact that in many cases, the problem of hunger is a matter of survival. Naturally, if hunger makes the sharp and creative mind. A group of students at the University of Chicago was asked to fast for seven days. During that time, proved that their mental alertness increased and their progress in various assignments campuses received a "remarkable".

16. Including the benefits of fasting is to narrow the blood flow path that is the devil in children of Adam. Because the devil go to the children of Adam through the bloodstream. By fasting, then he is safe from interference devil, power lust and anger.Hence the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam made the fasting as a fortress to prevent lust marriage, so he ordered those who have not been able to get married by fasting.

17. A scientist in the field of psychiatric named Dr. Ehret said that for the result is more than just physical benefits, namely in order to get the mental benefits of fasting activity, a person should undergo fasting more than 21 days.

18. Another psychiatrist, Dr. Scientist. E.A. Moras, said that a female patient had suffered from mental illness for more than eight months. The woman has been treated here and there including all the neurologists with less satisfactory results. He asked her to fast. Women's mental condition had improved, and even declared cured after fasting for five weeks. In our brain, there are cells called "neuroglial cells". Its function is as a cleaner and make brain healthy. When fasting, the cells are dead or diseased neurons, will be "eaten" by this neuroglial cells.

19. A research paper by Dr. Ratey, a Harvard psikiaters, reveals that the regulation and calorie restriction will increase the performance of the brain. Dr. Ratey do research on those who fasted and monitor their brain with a device called "functional magnetic resonance imaging" (fMRI). Monitoring results concluded that each individual object indicates the activity of "motor cortex" increased consistently and significantly.

20. Scientists in the field of neurology named Mark Mattson, Ph.D., a neuroscience lab chief at NIH's National Institute on Aging. The research results show that a proper diet such as fasting, could significantly protect the brain from de-generative diseases like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. Research results show that restricting caloric intake diet with 30% to 50% of normal levels, decrease the heart rate and blood pressure, as well as rejuvenation of brain cells.