Bohemian Grove Mystery

Have you ever imagined if the State leaders, CEOs, government policy makers are devil worshipers? There are so many top U.S. leaders are devil worshipers, and willing to become servants .

They are controlled by Satan through the Occult (Occultism). Secret community that never in exposure, which in essence is a part of this worship, Illuminati, New World Order, the Masons, and the Bohemian Grove (Bohemian Club).

Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Club is part of a group of devil worshipers. A very majestic pagan rituals created in the Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care Ceremony (sacrifice of a child in a way in burn alive), done on a regular basis each year attended by President Bush, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Colling Powell , Henry Kissinger and many other well-known leaders. At this ceremony, they worship a statue of an owl (owl) 40kaki tall giant, and human sacrifice . This is Satanism! David Rockefeller is also a member of the Bohemian Club (Bohemian Grove, meeting place; bohemian club, their group name). Arnold Schwarzenegger also attended these meetings. -->

Formed in 1872 by 5 American journalist. The Club is located at 75 miles outside of San Francisco. This society has a place to gather names of Bohemian Grove, the Grove has an area of ​​2700 acres of land. The motto of this association is dealing Weaving spiders come not here, taken from one of Shakespeare's phrase that means, "Leave your dirty business outside and should not be brought into".

- Overview About Bohemian Grove- 1. There are some 1,500 VIP waiting list who are ready to pay $ 2500 for the "initiation fee" plus $ 600 annual fee. - Indeed to become a member of the Bohemian Club you 'only' have to pay about $ 3100 for the first year, but the opportunity to become a member is very rare. Only a trusted person who can become members Bohemian Grove, a member who dedicated during 40lebih can provide a reference for a new member. (Bush family - is the 3rd generation who become members)

Owl On The Dollar

2. Grove is filled with so many pagan statues with the center of a statue of an owl which is also called "Moloch".
Most members of the Bohemian Club are big Government and Employers. The ritual they do are worship and sacrifice human soul for Molloch.

Bohemian Grove Ritual

Bohemian Grove Ritual2

Molloch is the god of the sacrifice of human lives at Greece. On first Saturday at the camp, a ritual called the Cremation of Care carried out before dinner. The ritual begins with accompaniment by a group of red-robed man with the cap, some people sing songs while some people who carry the torch. Also bring an open casket containing the body of the cover with a thin cloth and wood. According to G. William Domhoff author of The Bohemian Grove and Other Retreats, this ritual gives a symbol for all interests and sufferings which must be borne in everyday life, so this needs to be burned.

Mary Moore was an activist from Sonoma Country which found a network of Bohemian Grove, which is also the one who organized mass demonstrations outside the grove since 1980, includes a website, contains a long and complete list of all speeches given by important figures over the years including the delivery of Dick Cheney's speech in 1991 "Defense Problems of the 21st Century".

Known Members of Bohemian Grove: * Both George Bushes
* Ronald Reagan
* Henry Kissinger
* Richard Nixon
* Casper Weinberger
* Dick Cheney
* Malcolm Forbes
* Colin Powell
* Helmut Schmidt
* Stephen Bechtel (Bechtel Corp)
* James Baker
* Jerry Cole
* David Rockefeller
* Newt Gingrich
* Tom Johnson (President of CNN and former publisher of the LA Times.)
* William Randolph Hearst Jr.
* Jack Howard
* Charles Scripps (Of the Scripps-Howard Newspaper publishers)
* Walter Cronkite (On the CBS board of management)

And also prominent CEOs, business leaders, most of them are conservative from California, and 99% white

Bohemian Club (BC) is an organization for the fame and fortune, held for 2 weeks every year. This secret group, which did not receive the attention of journalists, has 40 feet-high statue of an owl as the central symbol. Each year, an estimated 1,500 people attended this meeting. They are influential CEOs in the world, people of government, finance, industry, and media moguls gather to hear speeches, propaganda, networking, and sharing of the agenda. They also held a Druid-like ceremonies before the statue, complete with clothing, fire, incantations and other rituals.

Demon goddess Lilith is represented in history as an owl. Owls are birds are active at night, capturing prey with strong claws. The owl itself is also associated with wisdom, the book (a symbol of journalists in the U.S.), knowledge of the occult, shamanism and the moon is also often a referral. Owls have a short tail, and did not hear when flying, such as stealth aircraft. owls seem to want to know all things but they will wait quietly until the time is right to achieve their goals (capture or defeat their prey). Our attention is not the goddess Lilith will reveal the secrets behind the owl Bohemian Grove.

Lilith in pagan mythology was the first wife of Adam. He was, as Adam, created from the ground. In ancient pagan mythology, is the creation of Eve after Lilith was created from Adam's rib while he was asleep. Anomaly is strange because the devil would carry us that there has been the first woman created before Eve.

In Semitic legend, Lilith is described as having a habit of biting Adam and drink his blood. He refused to comply with Adam and would like to have more power. And the peak of his frustration, Lilith blasphemy against God, and then fly and in the exhaust into the desert becomes residence. Lilith is also depicted as winged snakes and owls, which kills a baby, and also tortured men who sleep alone at night - the origin of seccubus.

In modern mythology, Lilith has become a symbol of feminism independent women, who refused to be under the influence of man. He is not only a symbol of female power but also the main symbol of lust in the form of a woman. He is also a symbol of death.'

Bohemian Grove Rituals leader do Human sacrifice in the accompanying shouts of pain Through Amplifiers order to Heard By All Who Attend. In 2006 an occult works by Donald Tyson (one of those involved in the ceremony), titled Liber Lilith gives details about the secret cosmology of the 'Mother Of Harlots' and' Spawn of all monsters nightbreed Lilith. This book was saved from the library of Dr. Dee at Mortlake in 1580an.
As demon goddess Lilith is the Bohemian Grove, as well as Baphomet (son of Lucifer and Lilith) demon god of Freemasonry.

Can you see how the Bohemian Grove Freemasonry and interconnected? In the modern world Luciferianism, Lilith is regarded as the companion figure of Lucifer who was introduced in Babylon. Lilith was created from mud and dust, which is also known as the Queen of Sucubi. When Lilith and Lucifer mate, she gave birth to an androgynous child (pick the character of men and women / hemaprodit) are on the call "Baphomet" or also "Goat of Mendes" also known in the circles Luciferianism as "God of Witches." Michael Ford's writings, "The Foundations of the Luciferian Path" Lilith formed the opinion that the Luciferian Trinity, contains Lilith, Samael and Cain.Lilith is referred to as the real mother of Cain's Eve but instead through through Lilith.Lilith here known as the goddess of witches, the holder of dark feminine, and also known as the goddess Hecate.