What Will Happen If There Is No Dust

whether the world would be better if there was no dust? the answer is, in some ways, yes, in some ways  not. Actually what is dust? dust itself consists of soil particles, or other solid objects, which are light enough for the wind. where it comes from this particle? These particles can be derived from plants and animals are already dead, from sea salt, sand or sand from the volcano, and ash from the ash or charcoal.


in general, dust is not to desirable and beneficial but in other cases, dust to help make the world more beautiful ! color of a beautiful dawn and dusk depending on a large number of dust coming in the air.

dust particles in the upper air reflect sunlight. This makes the light visible from Earth during one or two hours after sunset. different colors of sunlight refracted from different angles while the light reflected by dust particles and water vapor. Red sunset because it is the last light that disappears from sight. -->

other uses from dust associated with the rain. water vapor in the air will not turn into water easily if there are no dust particles that are at every point of water. Therefore, clouds, dew, blurred, and the rain, mostly made of the amount of dust particles that surrounded humidity.