Various Weird Toys and Failure in the Market

This happens when children's toys made by adults. Become, they just guess-guess who wrote what kind of toys kids want.And, of guessing that a little ga who fail to meet the wishes of children who actually end up creating a strange toys and ga useful. It's ya some examples:


Toys are trying to make children's fantasy,, yes it feels if I have 6 fingers?, what can you do with the sixth finger?, here the answers. You can fire anything from your fingers, and wrote with a sixth finger. But, what the kids like it? Sixth finger? Huekk. Said the source of this article,,this thing totally looks like a co * k

Piggy bank

Piggy bank-shaped advance people, and we put money through her mouth. What's this? The shape is really weird.Nyeremin. Probably, these banks face made for parents who want to terrorize his own son? But emang. Face bank is intentionally made slightly strange creepy as the manufacturer.There's even a version other facebank have no eyes and mouth can be their own motions

Gorgon odd tall robot

Gorgon odd tall robot will haunt the girls all night, his hands like a baton that can destroy the bones of your sister when they were sleeping. Maybe this is what is dipikiran children if their parents buy them this weird toy. It's like a chucky doll kyk can kill it?


Children already know most afraid if sent to the dentist. Eeh even given this toy ginian.dengan toys, children can, Äùbelajar, Äù this doll pulling teeth, even teeth that can patch the hole with some sort of yellow substance. Said the source, who patched the tooth is only making this doll looks abis eat t * i. Ko haha ​​really. So, what to say at this toy ads? , Äúmembor teeth is fun!, Äù? can-can children who are tired of these same toys in the warehouse and took the drill to drill his own teeth. Ewh.

Surgery Doll

The purpose of this toy was so kids can learn to dissect, dissect, and convey the message that it's fun? But, over time the kids who play this game looks like like a cannibal who tried to dissect the character named erwin these poor cotton.Perhaps the intention lw give these toys to good children. But, shortly after they play with these toys probably wrote them last membelek belly toads, cats, dogs, or the salesman who came to your house.

purple creature

A strange toy, where you open a box, and a kind of purple creature out of the box. But this purple creature more like a zombie aliens who will terrorize your younger siblings.Perhaps this creature would look nice if he just acts as a holder of a surprise cake at your sister's birthday.


Just click the remote orangenya trousers and a ghost with no body will be dancing and singing. Maybe this thing was created by a mad Nazi scientist or Walt Disney. Or maybe they work together.