Top 10 Stories of Genesis Real World's Most Strange

1. The triplets are born with a gap of 11 years apart

The triplets are born with a gap of 11 years apart

It's really hard to believe that the two girls and 3-month-old baby in the picture are triplets, but Bethony, Megand and Ryleigh indeed identical triplets.

Although three of them conceived on the same day, Ryleigh was born 11 years after his twin brother. This is possible because, while the three embryos implanted in 1998, a 1 has been suspended until this year.
This is an unusual situation for both parents and doctors as they do not have knowledge of other cases of siblings contained on the same date but were born with differences in the age of 11 years!.

2. The man who was shot in the head but just found out 5 years later

The man who was shot in the head but just found out 5 years later

A man living in Germany to live with normal and fine for five years without realizing he had been shot in the head. .22 Caliber bullet was found when the men went to the doctor to have what he thought was a cyst.
All she remembered was that he had received a blow to the head around midnight at a New Year's party "in 2004, or 2005" but had forgotten about it because he was "very drunk."

3. The man who shot a teenager for wearing baggy pants

The man who shot a teenager for wearing baggy pants

Police in Tennessee said Kenneth 45 years became very angry at the teenagers who wear baggy pants and he shot the young man in the ass.

On 25 September, he was charged with two counts of assault, allegedly opened fire several times in the youth 17 years after the victim refused to pull his pants sagging and call Kennet fat ass ..

4. Trained monkeys Taliban rebels with AK-47s to fire on U.S. troops

Trained monkeys Taliban rebels with AK-47s to fire on U.S. troops

A report in China Daily indicates that the Taliban CENTRAL create mujahideen army of monkeys.
The story that appeared in July 2010 in the China Daily suggested that insurgents use the reward system-and-punishment to train the monkeys and baboons to target soldiers wearing U.S. military uniforms.

Taliban suspected of "monkeys were taught how to use a Kalashnikov, Bren light machine guns and trench mortars."

But a researcher who has spent his career studying the social life of non-human primates are very critical in this story.

"They can be trained to do things like turn off lights and taps open and so forth, but finally a break," said William Mason, a psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of California.
Chinese story quoted British journalist and an unnamed U.S. military sources when discussing the idea of ​​monkey rebels.

In contrast, the U.S. Stars and Stripes news sources interviewed a NATO spokesman said the idea has no basis in reality

5. Women who broke the world record fattest weighing 700 pounds (320 kg)

Terri Smith

Terri Smith, 49, a 700-pound woman pinned in her room to sleep, unable to move, stand or roll over - customize a new world record as the most obese women
He suffered severe headaches and the need for MRI scans to examine the potential for brain tumors, unfortunately he was also too big to fit in a scanner or to pass through the doors of the hospital.
Terry used to be a gentle girl. At age 7, he weighs almost 70 pounds.

She explained that the poor family that did not allow for parents to bargain healthy food.
At the age of twenty, Terry weighs about 120 pounds. Terri married Myron, in 1986. At age 32 he suffered from severe arthritis in her knees and unable to walk more than a few steps at a time.

Last Smith gives electric wheelchair to get around in. The lack of physical exercise and do not have changed her food caused their weight to any point he could barely stand. Then about three years ago a change in medication caused him to gain weight 41 kg in 30 days.

6. Thieves who tried to steal from a museum by wearing camouflage of grass "in accordance Ghillie"

in accordance Ghillie

Gregory Liascos may have become invisible, but he still has a bad plan. According to police in Oregon, the suspect 36 years old wearing a camouflage complicated "according Ghillie" before trying to break through the wall of a museum of rocks and minerals for a few nights in October in an effort to steal the gold museum's collection worth 0.25 million dollars

Museum staff called the police after a former half-carved hole in the wall of the bathroom, and although his clothes difficult grass to be seen, the police dog did not smell suspect trouble.The dog bite mound overgrown with grass, and soil and even then scream .

7. People who fled from the hospital to avoid his penis amputated after 27-hour erection In May 2010, a man trying to escape from a hospital in the Dominican Republic where he was treated in hospital for priapism, a condition characterized by a long and painful erection unrelated to sexual desire after learning that doctors planned to amputate the penis due to he might have gangrene.

Luis Rodríguez Taveras, 45, has admitted more than three weeks in a hospital north of the Dominican Republic because of this issue, which is caused by eating a lot of sexual stimulants.
In a report given to local reporters later, Rodriguez said that the drugs were ingested.
Rodríguez said he warned his wife not to sign a document authorizing the operation because he argued that the erection began to subside "I can not live without my penis." Gradually after the treatment given by a urologist at another hospital, which is defined as both a doctor and "very humane."

8. Babies who survived the fall seven floors Babies who survived the fall seven floors

In November 2010, the 15-month baby girl survived fall from the seven levels. He got up from a tent into the arms of Babies have been played without the supervision of his brother when he fell from a window. A young man saw the baby began to fall and warned his father, who ran into the position, arms outstretched, to catch him after he hit the tent.

"He must have played rugby for years to have developed such a reflex," said an observer.
The baby was lucky: usually the owner closed the cafe tent because people throw their cigarette butts on it. . The girl babies in hospitals, but almost no blisters.

9. The flight attendant who quit his job during the flight using the aircraft door emergency.

The flight attendant who quit his job during the flight using the aircraft door emergency

In August 2010, Steven Slater, a flight attendant airline JetBlue, arguing with passengers while in flight at Pittsburgh airport.

He eventually quit his job, and opened the emergency slides on the plane to leave.
He grabbed the intercom and said: "For passengers, the hell with you all!!, I've been in the business 28 tahun.Aku'm sick .!!!" Slater then activates the emergency door and slide down the slide rubber to asphalt ..
He then took the train to the terminal, took off his tie and make the look confused. Slater later arrested and charged with endangering and criminal charges kesembronoannya destruction.

10. The dog who swallowed a diamond worth $ 20,000 in jewelry Store

Robert Bernard Jewelery Store
A diamond dealers have never imagined that a diamond worth $ 20,000 it will look like dog biscuits, but a dog named Sully had other plans.

March 2010, dealers took $ 20,000 dollars in gems into Robert Bernard Jewelery Store to show owner Robert Rosin and George Kaufmann, but dropped it when he was pulled from his pocket.
natural blink of an eye, Sully the dog with golden fur, diamonds and swallow pounce
Sully expensive tastes make jewelry store owner into a panic.A quick call to the vet and the owners have plans to take the gem

Owner Kaufmann said it was an unpleasant experience, because he not only followed the Sully, but also check in the bathroom breaks a dog in hopes of finding diamonds.
after three days of careful searches, Sully deliver the goods and the owner can return the stone back to its owner - after a thorough and polished shine. treat.