Top 10 Most Popular Photos Worldwide

1. Afghanistan's Girl [1984]

Photographer: Steve McCurry
This picture was taken by a photographer from National Geographic, steve Mccurry.Gadis in this picture called sharbat Sugar, she is one of the students in the school refugee students Afganistan.Gadis it was 12 years old when this photo was taken, and a year later became the cover on National magazine Geographic.Dan 8 years later after a search team, the girl recovered. Hmmm ... as I recall his search dokumentar movie ever aired on National Geographic

2. Omayra Sánchez [1985]

Photographer: Frank Fournier
Omayra Sánchez was one of 25,000 victims of the volcano which erupted on November 14, 1985.Gadis 13-year-old was trapped for 3 hari.Gambar was taken shortly before she died, and caused controversy over the Colombian government that does not readily make the rescue of the tragedy it.

3. Portrait of Winston Churchill [1941]

Photograph from: Yousuf Karsh
This photo was taken by a photographer from Canada, Yousuf Karsh when Winston Churchill visited the Ottawa.Foto it makes Yousuf Karsh became famous and was a Life magazine cover.

4. The Plight of the Kosovar Refugees [1999]

Photographer: Carol Guzy
This photo shows a Kosovo refugee new 2-year-old named Agim Shala is going through a barbed wire fence at the camp site set up by Saudi Arabia in Kukës, Albania.Anggota boy's family gathered there after the Kosovo conflict erupted.

5. Stricken child crawling Towards a food camp [1994]

Photographer: Kevin Carter
This photo was taken in 1994 during the famine in Sudan.Gambar shows a child who crawled into places the United Nations food camp as far as 1 km. A crow was waiting for him to die so that the bird could have been a surprise dunia.Tidak memakannya.Gambar anyone know what happened to that poor child including the photographer.

6. Segregated Water Fountains [1950]

Photographer: Elliott Erwitt, Magnum Photos
Picture of water fountain in North Carolina Hmmm ... looks racist at all, right?

7. Burning Monk - The Self-Immolation [1963]

Photographer: Malcolm Browne
Pictures of Vietnamese Buddhist monk who burned himself to death in the city this Saigon.Hal do in protest at political regimes that do injustice and hinder Buddhist monks in spreading his religion.

8. Bliss [2000]

Photographer: Charles O'Rear
Bliss is a photograph of the existing landscape in Napa County, California, east of the valley Sonoma.Gambar This is a picture of the Windows XP default theme wallpaper taken by a professional photographer, Charles O'Rear is also the area residents.

9. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire [1911]

Photographer: International Ladies Garmet workers Union
Pictures Triangle Shirtwaist Company corpses. Regulation of the company is closing the door of the factory so workers (mostly female immigrant workers) can not get out or steal.When the fire had occurred, 146 people died at that time.

10. And finally a question for you, who is this guy?