Rarely Known Facts About the World

Many historical facts are deliberately hidden from public knowledge. Perhaps because of the ugliness or crimes committed by the authorities in the past, or it could be to hide the evil conspiracies for political interests and the economy of certain groups.

Or perhaps because there are events that are not recorded properly. In addition there is also amazing facts that existed throughout history and can add to our knowledge.

These are the facts: The existence of no-tailed monkey-faced man who has a brain volume two times larger than the human-faced apes do not other-tailed, and they make tools for the first time about 2 million years ago. They are divided into four different races after 1 million years later and one of them then left the African continent. They then can speak the language of about 400,000 years ago and at that time they have spread across the continent of Africa, Europe and Asia.

Apparently a large group of Asian people migrated from Asia to America, when the continents of Asia and America to connect on the north. Then they lived in all parts of the north and south American continent, which may be known as the Indians - Native Americans is wrong to be named by Columbus, because Columbus thought he had arrived in India, so he called them Indians or Indian people.

Giant statue of the Sphinx in Egypt is expected to be built around the year 8000 BC (BCE) by a dark brown-skinned people in northern Africa, 4000 years before the rise of civilization in Egypt. Measuring time is calculated based on rain water scraping on the stone statue. This method is a more accurate way to measure the age of the stone statue.


Regional marine Brazil found through the streets around the year 531 BC or could be before then by the Phoenicians.Nation Phoenicians was the first nation to trade across the oceans. They live in the vicinity of Lebanon (the first civilized city in the world) and they have crossed the Atlantic from the African continent and conducting trade activities with the local community there for many years. Local people are really coming on foot from China many years earlier.


Cleopatra (69 to 30 BC), Queen of Egypt was 16 years old but is known to have an abnormal sexual appetite (sexual maniac) and the time that she was the wife of Julius Caesar.His first love was when she was 12 years old and he has a special temple occupied her boyfriends and sex party there.Cleopatra then committed suicide at the age of 38 years.

Chinese nation across the ocean with a big ship and find Mexico around the year 459 AD as well as other countries.

Vikings of the northern European nation has a small colony around the east coast of America around the year 900 BC.


Southern Europeans first discovered North America in the year 1472 is a named Portuguese Joao de Corte Real vase on a secret mission of discovery. But the Phoenicians probably visited North America long before that. And Columbus came the first time twenty years later, in 1492 and he called Haiti to Hispaniola!

Christopher Columbus

Mills Darden (USA year 1798 to 1857), his weight 463 pounds, while his wife is only 46 kg
Antonio Meucci (1808-1889) from Italy found the telephone 1849 and Alexander Graham Bell, who actually worked on Meucci, patent copies in 1876 and admitted as an invention!

Sir Joseph Wilson Swan patent the light bulb for the first time in 1878 in England. And Thomas Alva Edison made a little imitation is better, then he tried to get a patent on the artificial light ball in the States about a year later. Thomas Alva Edison introduced the electric light bulb is the result of his discovery.But in 1892 the Company Edisons merger with Swans and into General Electric, and after that they used the original method of finding the Swans to make light bulbs.

Famous scientist Nicola Tesla (1856-1943) found the radio in 1893 and the patent, it means that Marconi is not the real inventor.

The four chimney pieces of the Titanic was a hoax, just to look like really four pieces!
Charles Lindberg was human-to-82 who flew across the ocean, but he was the first to do it alone.
Vatican State was established in 1929 with the help of a fascist dictator, Mussolini who wanted to get support from the church.

The most violent criminals: Herman Webster Mudgett (1860-1896), known as Dr. Harry Howard Holmes had killed around 150 young women, but he admitted "only" killed 27 people. He rented rooms at the "palace" of his in Chicago, which is actually a house of horror. There dibuatkannya alley-l
Secret passage winding through from one room to another room, each room also comes with a secret elevator, each soundproofed bedrooms contrived, acid pools (perhaps to destroy the corpse), the gas chamber, a surgical table equipped with tools stretch the human body, a private crematorium, and a cellar (bunkers) are very large which is found many human body parts mutilated. He sold the skeleton of his victims to the medical schools. The victims hung for 10 minutes before dying.

Albert Fish (1870-1936) a cannibal to eat at least fifteen children, but he was only sentenced to two cases of murder and his last victim is a child of about ten-year-old named Grace Budd, which he cut in small sizes and then cooked withwartel pieces and onion. In the letter to his mother he wrote "This is a little ass roasted in the furnace."

Mother was the youngest in the world is a child from Peru named Lina Medina, which time she conceived five years and seven months old. She later gave birth to a baby boy is healthy by Caesarean section in May 1939 and the father of the baby was never found. His parents first suspected Lina Medina suffered from a kind of tumor, but it turns out she was pregnant since I was 4 years old and already got my period since the age of three years. Lina develop normally and have a second child in 1972, 33 years after her first child was born.
Otto Hahn, a German make the first atomic bomb explosion in 1938.

When invaded Belgium, Germany for the first time carry out attacks using paratroopers with a number of dolls to confuse the enemy (the first time Germany did not use the dolls to attack his umbrella when troops invaded Norway) plus a unique glider equipped with a bomb that is really efficient. This is done to destroy the bridges and to master the most important places "are almost impossible" to be taken such as the fortress Eben Emael.
All the crazy idea but it works so well has been developed by the genius of evil, Hitler and all the original ideas of their own.Hitler was truly a lover of war, and he is really designed for the first time almost everything that made the German has horrible combat power. From start to every detail of army uniform and a sign of rank, until the war method complex exercise but effective, it was his idea alone. Although it is very bad but all he did was amazing.

When the British started a plan to invade Norway, Germany bebapa previous month also do the same thing with a huge fleet gathered in the north sea., But when British troops met with the German navy near Oslo, British U-turn to back Norway. But few troops involved in the fighting.
The biggest hero in World War II is Michel Hollard and he was the sole ruler who began the most efficient intelligence organization in France called "Reseau Agir" 60 people who had secret agents who are placed in strategic places all over France. He, himself, who collects and sends information and a fellow agent did not know each other. He then infiltrated into France through the Swiss border, the "impossible" to cross.Because he does not believe in military information with certainty, before the year 1942 he crossed the border in the world's most tersukar as many as 94 times. Hollard is a person who finds all the V1 missile base, a few months before the missiles were completed. The missiles are made with extreme safety system and measured, created only in a period of 4 months and none of the German workforce who know the purpose of the installation. But Hollard managed to find everything and the 44th base of the missile that was bombed to pieces, a few days before their work is completed.These bases are built to send 5000 missiles per month and 50,000 copies will be super bomb before "D-Days" (= the term for the actual D-day battle, which is dated June 6, 1944, when allied forces landed at Normandy to the German attackoccupied France - Book Donald L. Miller: and at least 20,000 pieces missile will hit the city of London, but eventually just became a whole 2400 attacks. Hollard was arrested in 1944 due to treachery someone. He was tortured by the Gestapo, but he did not say anything. He was sent to Neuengamme, one of the worst concentration camps. But Hollard do reply by hiding more than 1,000 pieces of weapons that must be coupled back by the inmates, and he then managed to survive after a shootout in the camp.

Mass murder - according to the report of the High Council of the United States named "Reports Walter" made in 1971 amounted to between 323 and 617 million people killed by the Chinese government, from 1949 until 1971. While the report mentions only 51-55 Mieh Hsiao an incident that resulted in 5 to 10 million people had died. Official in Peking radio reported a number of "the existence of a well-worn" in a few months and the largest amount of 2.326 million people in a month. Between 8 and 10 million people were murdered by the Soviet government. In his report Jezjovtsjina in 1936 to 1938 at least 19 million people more, died between 1921 to 1960 in the famous Soviet prison. There are at least 27 to 29 million people or more than 25% are people of Jewish descent.

Nazi Adolf Eichmann Otto expressed readiness to die for his responsibility for the killing of at least 5.7 million Jews. But killings by Nazis of about 8 million Jews plus 6 to 10 million other citizens (most of them are workers and poor people), bringing the total to at least 12 to 18 million people have been killed dead. These massacres are also getting "assistance" from local groups such as partisan-partisan citizen Litauan which killed about 229,052 Jews in Luthuania and some happened filmed by the Nazis as part of propaganda and command both as propaganda and instructions to einsatzgruppe.

All this terrible mass murder generally intended to reduce the population. It includes efforts such as cheap and easy to create a systematic starvation, and hard work are deadly in the big old boats which later sunk. Estimated figures are lower than actual fact (with full documentation), as estimated by historians that in fact the numbers are definitely higher than that.

The second atomic bomb dropped over Nagasaki by the U.S. in 1945 came from a different type of impact has ever tested by the U.S. air force. They did not give the Japanese time to surrender and chose two cities the size of the same size. U.S. not planning mecegah severe damage in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for example using conventional bombs, but they really intended to destroy almost every city in Japan with a bomb blast. Strangely enough a few articles about the "atomic bomb" is rarely mentioned about the two who carried out the bombing in Nagasaki (or on the number of casualties there) and the fact that Japan really is not able to counter attack. To attack the bombers that they can not. But Japan's leaders are still reluctant to give up, even after the second bombing of Nagasaki. Had the Japanese emperor ordered the Japanese military to surrender before the bombing might not have happened.

The late Haji Mohammad (HM) is a person born in Palembang Azharie native who used to live in Fagih Usman Road Lr Ladder King RT 13 RW 03 No. 308, 2nd Marine Ulu Palembang. The figure is the father of 13 children with his role as merchants and fro Palembang Palembang - Bengkulu that with the amount of generosity and spirit come into play "hide" Bung Karno figure in his home on 2 Ulu and thanks to his services also, Bung Karno during exile in Bengkulu to "escaped "to Jakarta via Kilkenny.

Based on the statements of John Perkins, then Richard Nixon, 36th U.S. president, said Indonesia must not fall into the hands of the Soviet Union or China. Bak tit for tat Korporatokrasi kleptocracy greeted the New Order Regime. This pattern makes conspiracy vicious cycle of debt for development. Most of the debt used to build infrastructure projects undertaken at the same time enriching korporatokrasi 
kleptocracy.Korporatokrasi intrigue-kleptocracy seem from Paiton project whose value is $ 3, 7 miliar.Harga electricity 60% more expensive than in the Philippines or 20 times higher than in the U.S..
Paiton funds derived from debt extended export credit agencies in the West. Corruption begins when the 15.75% shares of the mega-projects to cronies and family paid kleptocracy. Land acquisition until the monopoly supply of coal carried out without tender. Apparently, the project value Paiton bubbled 72% and Indonesia for 30 years must pay compensation 8.6 U.S. cents per kwh while the ability to only 2 U.S. cents.
In fact, President Soekarno or Bung Karno (BK) is very antikorporatokrasi. Evidently, since 1951 through its policy of Bung Karno (Law No 44/1960) freeze for MNC.Pembekuan petroleum concessions it made three large (Stanvac, Caltex, and Shell) requested negotiation ulang.Tapi, Bung Karno threatening, "I give you time several days. I'll cancel all concessions if they do not meet my demands. "

Unsolved crimes that most large (at least until the year 1996) is when hordes of American military and some civilian citizens of Germany, took the gold reserves of the German state property in 1945 and other goods worth about 400 million dollars.

Paul Anderson, the heavy lifting of U.S. athletes who won gold medals in 1956, managed to lift weights as heavy as 3000 kilograms in 1957 only with the back of her and William Pagel, lifting heavy weights over 500 pounds of Paul Anderson as he climbed the stairs two-four meters.

Richest man in the world for twenty years was a leading figure of a shipping business that is the introvert Daniel K. Ludwig (1897-1992) which has a number of wealth at least 3,000 million dollars in 1977 (which will be approximately 12,000 million dollars in 1997). He's a lot of donated most of his fortune to cancer research. You can compare it with the wealth of Howard Hughes that "only" 1373 million dollars in 1976.While the sheikh of Kuwait succeeded in generating wealth since 1974 more than 3800 million dollars per year and an Empress of India, about double the Ludwig property, before the government of India states to take all his property by way of collecting taxes. The Empress is having a full basement in the castle-palace is filled with a number of gold and gemstones. Then the government of India states that have the gold in private is illegal, and he was never late paying taxes.He is also known to throw a party like the sophisticated. Then the Sultan of Brunei as the richest man in 1997 with a wealth of about 38,000 million dollars. In 2007 recorded William Gates III as the richest man with total wealth of about 56,000 million dollars, this amount is the remaining property after he dermakan almost half that in 2000 there were more than 118,000 million dollars. Ingvar Kamprad, a Swedish founder of IKEA eventually become the richest man to-4 in 2007 with a net worth of around 33,000 million dollars.

The average age of marriage of girls in India in 1980 only 14.5 years.
Internet was opened to everyone the first time on 30 April 1993 as www (World Wide Web) and link that to be the key to success.

An Englishman who suffered bad press, finally regained consciousness in 1997 after 8 years of coma.
The average age of marriage for girls in Yemen or management (one of the countries in the Arab lands) in 2005 was 14.3 years and in 1999 the age limit stipulated by law marriage from 15 years to the age of early puberty , so the girls can marry at age 9 years. But the part that's really bad is that most marriages are arranged without regard to their feelings. Even the girls are a lot not to know about sex (for reasons of religious teachings) so that their first experience of entering perawinan ends with an emotional shock!

About the wonders of nature. There is a river located in the basement, located just below the river Nile - size six times larger than the Nile. Nile River itself flowed 1360 million cubic meters of water each day.
The highest waterfall in the world is the Salto del Angel in Venezuela is 979 meters high.

Salto Del Angel - Angel Waterfall

The people who do the cutting of trees in the woods (in most states) are only for firewood or to open new agricultural land.Trees on rain forest functioning hold rainwater on the ground and clean up our air to breath. But the forest is bare in some tropical countries will be easily swept away by water when heavy rain that could mengabiskan source of fish on the beach and could change the land into desert. In the green woods of Haiti live 5%, also in several other countries, even fewer.While the world's tallest tree is 113 feet tall redwoods that, in the U.S..

Birds are known as pigeon walking on the land of North America have been killed from 5,000 to 10,000 million in 1880.

The next ice age will come about 100 until at least 4000 years old, according to the latest variation, and we are now in the final part of the warm to-20, which began the year 9000 BC.
Superstition. Reductin path No.13 at the seat aircraft, there is no numbering of the 13th floor in some countries (especially USA), there is no room number 13 in the hotels and the king of Sweden refused to eat with 13 people on one table!

Some popular myths are false. Like the story of pirates in the past in fact actually almost never told his captive with "punishment plunge into the sea" as is often shown in the film.And just a little pirate looking for treasure, because the pirates are usually only shared the spoils with fellow friends and spend spree at the next port. So there is almost no treasure map in real life. Unless the story of the sinking of Spanish ships which contain gold.