How Astronauts Pee in Outer Space?

For astronauts, learn ekuasi physics to calculate the trajectoryand launch a rocket holding force is not a problem. Unlike the case with using the toilet space.

For that, NASA has a special training room at the JohnsonSpace Center in Houston. Astronauts can train 'technique'them before sliding into orbit without a load. For NASA, there are actually two spacecraft toilet in the training room,positional trainer (PT) and functional trainers (FT). -->

PT is not the actual toilet, but it is a replica of the toilet space.Aperture on the toilet seat is just as wide as four inches (0.1meters) in which standard toilet opening of the earth that is 12-18 inches (0.3 to 0.5 meters).

Not only that, there is a camera under the toilet opening. Whenoccupied, the space flight to make sure their bodies are inproper position so that 'solid waste' will fall through a smallopening stand it.

"Alignment is important," said coach Scott Weinsteinhabitability when describing NASA during the NASA TVbroadcast. "If they do not believe you have good alignment,"he said, astronauts could sit in a chair, point the camera andcheck that it is getting the right position.

When the pilot control space proper alignment, they can moveusing the FT. The original toilet is equipped with the same airvents are used on spacecraft. Using FT, astronauts practice how to 'throw away' urine and'solid waste' their