7 Things Man Do When Broken Hearted

Feeling sad, disappointed, angry or sick everyone must have experienced when broken hearts, both men and women. But how they handle it can be very different because of mental condition in general between men and women also differ.

As quoted from what men really think, most women cope with a broken heart with a cry or talk to her friends. In this case, women are more frontal show his grief.

While the men, usually reluctant to talk about sad stories to others. They actually tried to avoid the conversation because it was uncomfortable. Therefore, men would rather divert attention to other things. What does a man do to relieve her pain? -->

1. Gather with Friends

When broken hearted, men will usually look for friends or hanging out with his friends. Men do not need friends to pour out his grief, or tell how the pain a broken heart, but only to make him forget about his grief.

2. Looking for a New Dating Friend

Dating friend
Some men cope with a broken heart try to forget her ex-lover as soon as possible. Therefore, they will start looking for a new date just to erase the memory of their former lovers.

3. Working

Most of the men aged over 30 overcome a broken heart by working in the office until late at night. Busied himself in the office can be an escape from pain.

4. Eat


It was not just women who choose foods to cure a broken heart, but also men. Usually they will choose junk food to 'turn off' the pain of the heart by the mind. Eating is a mechanical activity for men to help him keep busy.

5. Watching TV

Watching TV
When a broken heart, men typically will watch TV all day even though no program that interested him. Drowning himself by watching movies or sporting events on TV is one way to get rid of him for a moment his heart sick.

6. Exercise


Exercise also used by broken hearted men to get rid off the grief. Usually they will perform strenuous exercises in the gym. The pain felt in her body from strenuous exercises is expected to divert his grief.

7. Traveling

Some men cope with a broken heart with travel as the transfer of pain. No matter to a place near or far, the trip can be a little drive out negative emotions because of the separation. They also expect to meet new friends, or even a new love in new place.