7 Superhero Existing in the Real World

1. The boy who could see without eyes

Ben Underwood

Ben Underwood taught himself to use a distinguished place to travel to reverberate throughout the world. He is blind, both eyes removed (cancer) when he was 3 years old, but he plans to make a boast distinguished achievement. Actually, he is Daredevil. He can see the world by listening to sounds like sonar waves or dolphins.

2. Men who do not feel cold

Wim Hof

Wim Hof, of Holland, who is also known as Ice Man, is that those who can swim under the ice, and stand in a container filled with ice. He climbed Mount Mt. Blanc in shorts and in winter time, reap many world records, and always encouraged to perform new challenges.

Scientists can not explain it all, but 48-year-old Dutchman is able to survive, and even trying hard, at temperatures which can be fatal for the layman.

3. Women who do not forgetful


The Human Calendar is a name some people for the women who contact the UC Irvine neurobiologist Jim McGaugh six years ago and said, "I have a problem, I was too much to remember." This is the story of AJ, an extraordinary housewife aged 40 years who remembers everything.

McGaugh joint partner in the UCI researchers Larry Cahill and Elizabeth Parker has been studying the unique phenomenon of women who have a memory of what his daily life and other peristiwa2 countless nonstop, uncontrollable, and automatic. If you choose a date at random from 25 years ago and asked AJ about the day, then he would explain, in detail what happened on that day. Usually he also mentions the day what date and what kind of weather.

This woman, a project called AJ to protect her privacy, got a very unique and unusual, so the UCI make a new name for what he experienced: Hyperthymestic Syndrome.

4. Men who move objects with her mind

Miroslaw Magola

"Remember, there is no spoon." Like the boy in the movie "The Matrix", Miroslaw Magola, "Man Magnet", against which the law of gravity with incredible strength - applying the power of kinesis madness, he can raise anything from metal pans to marble statues, they move through the air to add to his body , and creates the power to keep hold on his body - with just using the power of thought a simple reply.

Addicts of the occurrence of physical energy, Miroslaw has developed his ability to manipulate inanimate objects in the air to follow his thoughts, even forcing them to rotate and vibrate.Mental strength is very sharp until he can jump ² ² while the goods were still embedded in his head without dropping it.

Miroslaw explains how he uses the madness kinesis to play this a unique achievement, "It all worked because I burden myself with energy (I connect myself with it) and at the same time I hope these objects can be floated." Miroslaw hasunderwent many tests of his ability enigmatic reply is still a mystery to scientists until now.

5. Women who can laugh with a maximum volume of up to 110 dB (decibels)

Jittarat Wongsomboon

This is Jittarat Wongsomboon, 55-year-old woman from Thailand, who can laugh with a maximum volume of up to 110 dB! Can you believe this? It seems strange, but this is true. On 5 July, 2008, Jittarat participate in Ripley's International Laughing Contest in Pattaya, and won the competition which is very surprising, with laughing continuously for 12 minutes and 26 seconds and resulted in boom volume to 110 dB.

6. Monks who could produce heat energy from their bodies


The experts have been studying Buddhist monks for more than 20 years to find out how they did it. By using a meditation technique called Tum-mo. These monks can lower metabolism as much as 64 percent, as a comparison when you sleep in the body's metabolic rate will be reduced by 10 to 15 percent. Far more powerful than this, ² monks can also increase the temperature of their fingers as much as 17 degrees. No one knows how.

7. Men who can clap as loud as helicopter sound

Quan Zhang

A 70-year-old Chinese man was able to clap as loud as the sound of helicopters and will be entered into the record books.Quan Zhang applause coming from Chongqing during this supervised by the Ministry of Environment. Clapping his hands a sound that is slightly smaller than the sound of helicopter blades are spinning at full speed. Environment Ministry officials said Zhang would be arrested if it makes noise pollution from too much clapping.