6 Habits that Make You Bankrupt

New on the 12th of this month, but your account balance is approaching zero. Where your money gone? You may already spend so much money, but you do not realize. Because, you're not spending anything important. You not only pay the insurance premium, pay the money to school children, or pay the cost of car service. You just window shopping or flipping through an online shopping site. Wow, turns out this is the source of the problem.

Because it is an everyday activity, window shopping is no longer you deem as a source of expenditure. There are still some other things that you often do, and it makes fast shrinking salaries.

1. "Window shopping"
Often times we are window shopping with fraudulent excuse because they have no activity. It is nice to still see the beautiful things around us. However, from just a fad, so you end up buying something you do not plan. You do not even need to leave home for window shopping. Just by looking at catalogs, browsing the Internet, reading magazines, or watch any adverts on television, you may be tempted to buy.

Actually you must already know that window shopping is a bad habit that needs discipline to stop high. Most secure is to not visit the mall if you do not need something to be bought or found. Also, no need to request a catalog or receive e-mails offer updates on your favorite items. Ask yourself: do I need one and can I buy it in cash? If not, get passed.

2. Takes a lot of cash
Relying on credit cards for shopping is not good, but always brings a lot of cash as well as bad. The cash gives you a feeling of having excess money, and therefore need to be spent. Bring just enough cash, and leave the rest at home.Avoiding credit card needs to be done, but the important thing is to make the budget about when to pay something in cash.Management is also quite effective envelope to manage cash.

3. Sharing your personal data in the vendor
When you do online shopping, you certainly will be asked to provide your home address and credit card information.These sites also provide one-click buttons to order something so you can buy in a heartbeat. Very easy, but also very dangerous. Tricks are easy shopping is not just make you run out of money if you are classified as impulsive shopper, but also eliminates a sense have been using the money. Because you do not use cash or signed credit card struuk here. All live clicks.

Do not let the vendor keep your credit card information. Avoid signing up for e-mail or catalog if it only encourages you to shop.

4. Collecting shopping vouchers
Get discounts USD 100,000 for body care products or sportsgear indeed pretty, but make sure first that you really need these items. Just because receiving shopping vouchers, does not mean you should spend it right? Besides, most of its value is not so pronounced. No need to feel shame when vouchers ultimately redundant because it is not used. You better make a list of items needed, only then see if there are vouchers that can be utilized.

5. "Shopping" 
with emotionYou may want refreshing feeling stress at work or bored at home. Or, you want to pamper yourself for successfully losing weight. Then, you were shopping. You managed to get new clothes, new gadgets, latest novels, again sale as well.

However, let your mood dictate spending decisions is the fastest way to become bankrupt. Calm yourself before shopping. Back to the basic question: do you need and whether you can afford? You can really reward yourself without spending any money, for example, soaking in the bath, or massaging each other with their husbands.

6. Not making plans
You are tired after coming home from work, and no food at home. The most practical is to buy food. Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the estimated average American family of four spends more than 4,000 dollars on eating out. Is not this a very expensive habit?

If you shop weekly, make a list of menus for a week so you always have the ingredients for processed foods. 

If your activity is so solid, try to cook on Sunday, and then store it in the fridge to eat the next day. However, the cooking itself is far more efficient and healthier than buying food outside.And, need high self-discipline to change habits of this kind.With planning, discipline, and avoid situations that tempt you to shop, this bad habit would be resolved.