30 Secrets of Women Men Must Know

Indeed, no one knows what every woman's heart's content. Moreover, the hearts of woman is sometimes difficult to guess. Sometimes wants A but tomorrow could turn into B. What about the secrets of women who exist in their heart, here's the secrets:

1. When a woman says she was heartbroken, but he did not shed tears, it means he was crying in his heart.

2. If she does not bother you after you hurt her, you better give him time to calm her before you scold by saying sorry. -->
<"br /> 3. Women hard to find something that he hates about the people she loves most (because many women were heartbroken when the relationship broke up in the middle of the road).

4. If a woman fall in love with a man, he will always is on his mind even when she was with another man.

5. When the man she loved thoughtful sharply into his eyes, he would like liquid chocolate!

6. Women do like the compliment but do not always know how to accept praise.

7. If you do not like the girl who likes you half to death, rejected her love with the gentle, do not be rude because there is a spirit in her that you will not know if she had made a decision, he will do anything.

8. If a girl is to distance themselves from you after you reject his love, let him or her to for a while. If you still want to consider him a friend, try gently admonished him.

9. Women like to vomit what they feel. Music, poetry, painting and writing is the easiest way they vomit their hearts content.

10. Don't occasionally inform women about what makes them instantly felt useless.

11. Act too serious can turn off the mood of women.

12.if first man she loved was still giving a positive response, for example, contacted by telephone, the girl would be indifferent as if not interested, but in fact he would yell happy and not until ten minutes away, all his friends will know news.

13. A smile gives a thousand meanings for Woman. So do not smile to other women.

14. If you like a woman, start with friendship then let her know you more deeply.

15. if women gives a thousand reasons every time you want take her out, leave her because he was not interested in you.

16. if in the same time she is in touch or waiting for a call from you, continue your efforts to lure.

17. don't occasional ask what she feels. ask her!

18. after girl fall in love, she would often wonder why I never met this guy earlier.

19. if you still looking for the most romantic way to seduce the girl alone, read the books of love.

20. if every time he saw a picture together, which was first sought by the man who was standing next to her baby, and then herself.

21. ex boyfriend will always be on his mind but the man she loved now will be in place particularly in his heart!

22. saying one 'Hi' alone is enough to cheer the day.

The good

23.friends who knew what he was feeling and going through.

24. most woman hated man-kind-either by them solely to rake in their most beautiful friend.

25.Love means loyalty, honesty and happiness unconditionally.

26.all woman wants a man she loved with all my heart ..

27.Women's weapons are tears!

28.Women like if the occasional person who loved to give her surprise (gifts, flowers or just a romantic word). They will be overwhelmed and feel that she sincerely loved from heart. she will not hesitate to you.

29.Women easily fall in love with men who cares to her.So, if you want to attract women be clever ..

30. Actually easy to take a woman's heart because of what he wants just a feeling loved and cherished soul.