Reduce the risk of heart attack by 50 percent


Sunlight contains vitamin D which can minimize the formation of plaque in blood vessels . Research at the University of California showed that women with higher levels of vitamin D have an increased risk of heart disease 31 percent lower . Soak in the morning before 10:00 for 20-30 minutes .

consumption of chocolate

This food is often avoided because they can lead to obesity . But make no mistake , the benefits are too many . You only need to select jelly . Dark chocolate contains flavonoids and magnesium which can reduce levels of bad cholesterol . In addition , there is also a stearic acid content is one of the heart- friendly fats and antioxidants that may prevent free radical damage to the arterial wall . Make sure you consume chocolate containing 70 percent cocoa to get the benefits .


The heart is a muscle that needs to be practiced regularly to keep it in prime condition .
Aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking , swimming , jogging or cycling can give you the best workout for your heart . Research New England Journal of Medicine said that by doing street light for 2.5 hours a week , you can cut one-third the risk of heart attack and stroke . The activity can also increase the levels of good cholesterol in the blood . Consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program . You can also follow the system of traditional Chinese medicine . According to this treatment , cardio exercise is not the only way to improve heart health . The slow movement can also cause the same effect . When your body to form a position and feel relaxed , you stimulate connective tissue through which the energy so that the organs can function optimally.

Seafood consumption

The food that comes from the sea to ' lubricate ' your heart because it contains omega 3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of cardiac arrhythmias , bad cholesterol , high blood pressure and blood clotting .

quit smoking

Cigarettes contain more than 600 chemicals that can damage cells in the arteries . This can lead to inflammation which can lead to increased cholesterol in the heart . The good news , a year after you stop smoking , your risk of heart disease decreases by 50 percent .

Laugh !

With a laugh , you lose the stress hormones that are known to damage the protective lining of blood vessels . When you 're stressed , the heart receives adrenaline in doses greater . This can lead to heart rhythm abnormalities and increased stickiness of platelets that ultimately resulted in the narrowness of the arteries . Hormones released during depression can also affect a person's heart health . Therefore , people with depression should receive treatment as soon as possible .

Do not forget the gear

According to a study conducted in 2006 Sydney Dental Hospital , bacteria
can enter the bloodstream of unhealthy gums . This can cause inflammation that damage the lining of arteries . Brush your teeth at least twice a day and visit your dentist regularly.

enough sleep

People who sleep less than five hours a night tend to mineral buildup of calcium in the coronary arteries which can burst at any time and cause heart attacks and strokes . The results of the study The Journal of the American Medical Association 495 adults showed that the number of people who have arterial calcification can be lowered 1 of 10 people by adding
hours of extra sleep . Ideal sleep time is 6-7 hours a day .

Do not buried heartache

A joint study from San Diego State University and the University of Pittsburgh proved that married life is very satisfying to reduce factors of heart disease . Research conducted on 493 women aged between 42-50 years is observed when gathered together , communication , sexual life , hobbies , characters and so on. It is also mentioned in the book Heartbreak and Heart Disease written by dr . Stephen T. Sinatra . In the book said inner pressure caused by emotions ranging from heartbreak arrested , too sad , to hostile and anger , can lead to blockage of the aortic heart you are similar to the effect of cholesterol oxidation , metal poisoning , insulin , and blood curdling radiation and sticky .