Alzheimer’s disease and the Four “A’s” and 5 “C’s”

Who have seen the movie “The notebook”? If you are the one of it you could readily understand the Four A’s and Five C’s of Alzheimer’s disease, as a brief description Alzheimer’s is a generative disorder of the cerebral cortex which characterize by dementia a progressive impairment of the memory, cognitive function which include language and even caring to own self.

Alzheimer’s disease has 3 stages of progression

Stage 1 is early stage consist of:
-Poor recent memory- it is the inability to recall recent situation such as (If have already taken his/her medicine)
-Impaired remote recall (Mild) – these memories could be focus on childhood days (Most doctor’s question is “What is your favorite song during your pre-school days?)
-Personality Changes 
-In this stage disorientation to time and date are noticeable.
-Mild language impairment is noted at this stage. 

Stage 2 is moderate/confusion stage consist of:
- Severe memory impairment is prominent
- Apraxia- inability to perform tasks or movements when asked to
- Sundown Syndrome or what we called “wandering” this usually happen because of confusion.
- This time the person were unable to perform their activity of daily living even just brushing their teeth, how to eat; in this stage they are regressing to be like a baby’s attitude.

Stage 3 “the end stage”
- Inability to make simple decision because of poor cognitive function
- Problem of defecation and urination are present
- They don’t recognize Even their own family and friends. 
- Impaired social interaction due to communication deficits. 

The 4 A’s

Apraxia - inability to perform tasks or movements when asked to, this is a disorder of the brain and nervous system.
Aphasia- is the problem with communication or talking which includes the language or words, and their understanding.
Amnesia- “Self-explanatory”
Agnosia - Inability to recognize objects, also person even family, sounds, shapes and even smells.

The 5 C’s

These are the 5 C’s that are needed to routinely done to those person, enough love and patience are needed to perform this task for this is for a life time.

Calendar- always remind your love ones with this disease of the date today, orient them always.

Clock- together with the date is the time, have patience to do this everyday

Colors- correct their misinterpretation not just in color but to most of the things.

Consistency- as I've said “Patience” be consistent of what you are doing, don’t stop to make them you love them, even if they don’t understand, it is your family.

cognex (Tacrine)- don’t miss giving her/his medication with the right dosage and the right time. Giving medication is challengeable for this type of situation.