Myths and truths about water intake

Ask questions about this essential liquid for the welfare and health of the body

A person would be able to withstand up to 200 days without eating . Without water , however, the resistance is much lower: about 36 hours after the body begins to collapse .
Water is essential for the health and well -being. But there are doubts about the properties of the liquid from which the body can not do without. Check out some myths and truths about water intake .

TRUTH . The chilled water temperature is around 4 ° C; the human body is about 36 º C. So when you ingest cold liquid the body works to warm it.

" This process, called thermogenesis , generates increased energy consumption, thereby helping to promote caloric burn ," explains nutritionist Natalie Gold, consultant Santo Dom Pasta Gluten Free , São Paulo . But to imagine that water ice is the solution to weight loss is no exaggeration . Especially because the caloric burn is small : half a liter of ice water consumes 17 calories .

"It's very representative on a diet 1500-2000 calories ," adds the endocrinologist and nutrition specialist João César Castro Soares , Federal University of São Paulo ( UNIFESP) .

Taking water fasting slims

MYTH . " Hydration fasting is important to restore the serum levels of the body and eliminate toxins produced in response to the period without food," says nutritionist Natalie Gold . Because of this and the fact that drinking water causes gastric distension , what can happen is the sense of reducing hunger . With less hunger , less food would be eaten . In this case collaborate with weight loss .

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Soda equal fattening soda

MYTH . " Although the two liquids containing carbon dioxide in its composition , the difference is included in the sugar in soft drinks ," explains Natalie Gold . What fattening , so it is not the gas but the calories of sugar drink . The endocrinologist João César still alert to the fact that the refrigerant contain large amounts of salt, which also damages health and fitness .

Drinking water during the meal hinders digestion
MYTH . "There is no scientific basis to justify this claim ," says the doctor UNIFESP . But of course you can not overdo the intake . A liter of water would make the person feel bad and could harm the digestive process .

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Drinking water is good for the skin

TRUTH . Water intake is important for the elimination of toxins produced by the body , which are expelled through urine or sweat. " A well hydrated skin eliminates these toxins more easily and is more healthy appearance," explains nutritionist Natalia .

It takes on average drink 2 liters of water per day 

TRUTH. However, there may be a slight variation from individual to individual. "The average daily water intake for an adult is between 1.5 to 3 liters - or around 30 to 40ml/kg body weight. Remember that we have the natural water of fruits and vegetables, which are extremely important as well, "explains Natalia. 

I drink water even without seat 

TRUTH. Especially in winter the perception of thirst decreases - which does not mean that one should not drink water. It is important to keep the habit of drinking several glasses throughout the day. When we are thirsty is because our body is already feeling the lack of liquid.