Health Risks of Consuming Instant Noodles Every Day

Each person must never eat the noodles, meal made ​​from a mixture of flour and the eggs are very tasty although impressed simple appearance. And it was so much demand, that his name is now available Instant Noodles. So later on when people want to eat the noodles, they stay bought it in the shop and then brew with warm water. 

Prices are cheap and practical to make a lot of people choose the Instant Noodles eat lunch menu and evening, even some that consume instant noodles in the morning to block the stomach. In addition, the financial state of them that are fit - barely Instant noodles are also often made ​​as a main meal. 

Occasional consumption of Instant Noodles is not why, but when almost every day eating noodles will cause serious health problems. As is known, Instant Noodles contain preservatives to keep them dry and protect it from mold, so that it can last a long time.

Preservatives used are soluble in the body, it's just that it takes 3 days for the body to digest. In other words, if now we eat noodles, eat 3 days later may consume them new again. So that it can be concluded, if you can take Instant Noodles 2 times a week. 

When you consume every day, there are some health issues that you may encounter. The first is digestive problems, such as constipation. Then obese or overweight, and can also cause miscarriage in pregnant women. 

So to avoid such health problems, try not to frequently consume instant noodle. For if consumed excessively Instant noodles, in the long run we will be susceptible to diseases, including colon cancer.