Laser Therapy for Alzheimer and Parkinson

The laser beam does have many uses , ranging from mere ornaments to therapeutic treatment . In the field of medicine , laser first known to cure skin disorders , dissolving kidney stones , eye surgery , tumors , and others.

Now researchers from Chalmers University in Sweden and the Wroclaw University in Poland developed light therapy effective in treating neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer and Parkinson . Their findings could be a new hope for a cure is known incurable .

Neurodegenerative conditions known to be the result of the accumulation of harmful proteins . The protein buildup causes nerve cells to die , and trigger symptoms associated with Alzheimer disease or Parkinson .

The new study , published in the journal Nature Photonics trying to determine whether the light -based therapies can be used to eliminate the harmful aggregation .

" No one has been using light therapy for the treatment of these diseases before . Thus laser therapy is a new approach that will continue to be developed for the treatment of Alzheimer disease , Parkinson , and Creutzfeldt - Jakob , " said Piotr Hanczyc , chairman of the study .

Although previous studies have demonstrated the presence of protein buildup conditions , but the new study found a method of identification and isolation . By selectively eliminating the buildup of protein , light therapy can effectively treat nerve degeneration without damaging healthy tissue .

According to the National Institutes of Health neurodegenerative disease currently occurs on millions of people around the world . This condition , characterized by neurological and cognitive impairment .