Schizophrenia, Life Surrounded With Wall of Illusion

Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness which confined the minds of people with a variety of illusions and delusions.

Such as the experience of Lili Suardi (34), who was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 20 years old. Initially this young man did not know, is an illusion that is often experienced symptoms of schizophrenia.

"I always felt people around me mocking, insulting, even spit on me. Though I do not know the man," said Lili active in Community Care for Schizophrenia Indonesia (KPSI) is.

Lili also feel every sound large volume and expressed violently. He pointed spoon voice, sounded like someone banging on the wall. Lili even eat only once a day by hand so as not to hear the scoop

This illusion makes it stress and fear every time. Lili had never felt at ease even in their own homes. Meeting with a familiar face, such as family, it makes the disease worse. Consequently Lili was homeless and sleeping in the mosque every night in order to meet new faces.

Treatment performed since 2002, also was running without a hitch. Still the notion of schizophrenia is a disease caused by evil spirits, making Lili repeatedly brought to the paranormal. Not to mention when Lili miss a dose.

"If the total I've treated 7 times in 4 different hospitals in Jakarta and Bogor. If you've treated me feel better, no longer exists and the illusion of reduced distress," said Lili.

It took quite long for him to achieve a cure. After four years since undergoing treatment, new in 2006, Lili began to be able to perform personal activities, such as eating and bowel movements, without the help of others. In 2008 the new Lili can perform normal activities and social contacts with calm.

Schizophrenia also faced the eldest son of Vina Tan (47), Erik Kosdi (22). Vina never thought their children were quiet, obedient, and smart was experiencing schizophrenia.

"I was shocked friend Erik called and said she was not on campus all day. Friend Erik also told my son often sat quietly in the corner and not do anything in a long time," said Vina. At that time his son soon followed Vina who was studying in London.

Vina said he felt Erik experiencing the same symptoms as the main character in the movie The Soloist watched. so Vina better prepared and able to accept it gracefully when doctors diagnosed the same thing.

Erik, Vina said, always feel others scoff and would kill him. In silence, Erik getting late on suspicion.

Erik started his treatment in 2010. Erik assisted physician during treatment, family, and friends, in order to change the mindset. Vina said, suspicion slowly removed and replaced with positive thoughts. Erik also invited to face the fear.

"However I was lucky because Erik is the son of a responsible and willing to try. Huge desire to finish college, Erik spur to get well soon," Vina said.

Erik also supported families who are not ashamed to admit they experienced schizophrenia. Disclosure is then invited the support of relatives and friends for Erik, so get well soon.

Cause Still unclear

Schizophrenia itself is still a mystery. Not yet clear what caused the imbalance of dopamine production in the human brain, to cause schizophrenia.

"Stress and depression can be a trigger, but not the cause. Indeed there are hereditary factors, but very few, perhaps only one percent," said Dr. Bambang Eko Sunaryanto, Sp.KJ (K), Director of RSJ Dr. Radjiman Wediodiningrat, Malang, East Java.

Schizophrenia usually affects people aged 16-25 years. Bambang explained, the disease can actually be detected when still of primary school age children.

Bambang advised parents to give attention to the child 'too.' Ie, too good, quiet, submissive, and not a lot of behavior. It is feared that the child is too quiet behavior is the impact of the production of a hormonal imbalance and mengakibatnya emergence of illusion or delusion.

Schizophrenia, according to Bambang, can be prevented. "The first note is in custody. When children are cared for mentally ill parent, then the child will experience the same thing," said Bambang.

Furthermore, children should be given a bit of a stressor or pressure so easily adaptable to a variety of conditions. Children can also encounter difficulties and not give up easily.

Parents also should not be too much banning child. Ban would cause the child to easily suspicion, fear, and sensitive. Such a child is easy stress which then triggers schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia can be cured, either by oral or injection plus psychotherapy. The goal of treatment are to reduce psychotic symptoms, prevent relapse, improve quality of life, and restore personal life, social, professional and patient.v