7 Most Extreme Ways to lose Weight

Losing weight is not easy. So often people desperate to perform in ways that are not common in order to achieve these goals. Although sometimes quite quickly lose weight, but it usually does not last long instant way.

Perhaps you've heard of lollipops diet method, diet chopsticks, or sunglasses (designed to change the color of the food to be unappealing). These methods may provide results quickly, but it is not risky. Even experts argue, is precisely the approach extremes in dieting can be dangerous.

Here are seven ways "crazy" for weight loss that you should not try.

1. Plastic tongue

This method was created by a plastic surgeon Beverly Hills home. In its application, the surgeon will pair like a plastic material on the tongue so that the feeding process will take place with very painful. When using this method, people are forced to only eat food in liquid form as much as 800 calories per day. Not only the tongue, this method can even be "excruciating" wallet because once tried, you have to spend around U.S. $ 2,000.

2. Eating through the hose

Methods for 1500 dollars is mostly worn by brides who want to lose weight instantly. How to do this diet by including some sort of hose into the nose is connected to the esophagus. For 10 days, participants are not allowed to eat anything but protein and carbohydrates are inserted through the tube. In this way, participants consume only about 800 calories per day. This method is very dangerous because it can cause injury.

3. Drunkorexia

Drunkorexia is a new term for an eating disorder, followed by alcohol addiction. People who experience it deliberately reduce their caloric intake in order to drink alcohol. In this way, of course people can lose weight quickly. But they also must be willing to have difficulty concentrating, making decisions, the immune system deteriorates, high risk of injury, and acute alcohol intoxication.

4. Tapeworm

In running this method, people intentionally submit to their gastrointestinal tapeworms to lose weight. Whereas tapeworms are very dangerous because it can clog the digestive tract, impaired organ function, brain, nervous system damage, and death.

5. Hunger

Food is actually the "fuel" for the body to be able to undergo the system correctly. Hunger is a sign of lack of body "fuel" is. Hunger means letting the body is less food in a long time. In that time period, of health will be compromised. Starving because fasting is different from fasting while allowing the body to eat beforehand with sufficient nutrients and just be done in daylight.

6. Smoke

Smoking causes less sensitive taste buds that reduce appetite. In addition, smoking is also capable of increasing metabolism which means being able to lose weight. However, smoking is a known risk factor for many diseases to accelerate the aging process.

7. Drugs

You must have seen people lose a lot of weight when he became an addict. Yes, the consumption of illegal drugs is to reduce weight, but the health risks are high, this way is very unhealthy.