Organize a Healthy Diet while Fasting

Some people actually gain weight while fasting because of wrong diet. While the ideal-bodied fitness mania also have to maintain their muscle mass nutrition in order to remain thick and ideal.

When fasting of course, we are no longer able to again apply 5-6 times a day diet that allows you to keep your metabolism high and provide periodic nutrition for muscle mass growth and maintaining an ideal body shape. But with the right diet, we can outsmart those needs.

Here are some tips for a healthy diet while fasting for preventing body weight gain while fasting while maintaining nutritional intake to prevent muscle loss:

Avoid large portions when breaking

At the beginning of the break, do not immediately eat food in large portions. Recommended for a great meal is after Maghrib prayer. Overeat when open will cause discomfort in the stomach and interfere with digestion.

Do not immediately break the fast with sweet foods

Avoid sugary foods with a Glycemic Index (GI) is very high during fasting. Consumption of sweet foods as an empty stomach can lead to high insulin response that reacts to store food as body fat.

Water, complex carbohydrates, and multivitamin

Start breaking the fast with a drink of water. Then consume palm fruit or fruit-free sweetener to taste. After maghrib prayer new big meal rich in complex carbohydrates (brown rice, whole wheat bread, potatoes, or green beans), protein (chicken breast, meat, fish, tempeh, low-fat milk), and vegetables. Finish with 1-2 grains consumption multivitamin and mineral supplements to increase endurance.

Avoid cold drinks and carbonated

Avoid cold drinks, soda, or mixed ice when breaking. Ice can withstand hunger so that other, more nutritious dish and is very necessary for the body to restore stamina did not get eaten. Carbonated drinks only give a sense of satiety without nutrition and low acidity that interfere with digestion.

Eating after exercise

After fitness exercise (after tarawih), consume 2-3 tablespoons of honey or some dates free sweetener. Add protein supplements when needed. Make sure to drink 500 ml-1 liter of water during exercise. Eat again with the same menu, but the portions small breaking or being alone. If you are still hungry, eat healthy snacks like nuts or peanut roaster skin.

Sahoor fiber foods and lean

At dawn, eat a low fat diet, high in complex carbohydrates (oatmeal, whole wheat bread, brown rice, corn, or potato), adequate protein (chicken, fish, or eggs), and foods rich in fiber and slowly digested (vegetable- vegetables and fruits) to sustain the caloric needs during fasting. Avoid fatty foods because it can cause discomfort during fasting. Finish with 1-2 grains multivitamin and mineral supplement. If there is still time to snack peanuts or peanut roaster skin.

Never miss a meal

Do it before the dawn of Ruling that food becomes longer in digestion, and does not feel excessively hungry, as well as the body stay energized while fasting.

Avoid sleeping immediately before Ruling

Never too early meal and then went to bed before the Ruling due cause fat accumulation caused by excess energy but without physical activity. Otherwise it will quickly feel hungry, be energetic, and fast asleep in the daytime.

Avoid tea and coffee at dawn

Avoid drinking coffee, tea, or drinks that are diuretics at the time of dawn because it makes frequent urination. Low-fat milk can be one of the healthier menu options at dawn.

Reduce salt, MSG, and seasonings

Avoid foods or drinks with high levels of salt, MSG, or seasonings that will accelerate many because of thirst.

Avoid overly spicy foods

Avoid foods that are too spicy or that contain herbs that stimulate because it can interfere with digestion.

Compose the balanced nutrition

Recommended nutrient intake is balanced composition that is 50% complex carbohydrates, 40-45% protein and 5-10% fat in each serving of healthy eating.

For exact calorie servings

Division of the recommended servings of calorie foods when breaking the 10-15%, 30-35% at dinner, 10-15% after tarawih prayers, and 30-35% at dawn.