New Virus That Seems Similar to SARS Suspected Spread in Middle East

At the end of September 2012, a man aged 49 years in Qatar is infected with a virus known to cause diseases like SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). He was later treated for kidney failure in intensive care units in London. This man had traveled to Saudi Arabia.

Based on the examination, patients in Qatar is first experienced symptoms of illness on September 3, 2012. Hose not long, 5 people in Denmark infected with the same virus. Among these new victims, four of them were family and his father had traveled to Saudi Arabia. The rest just did a trip to Qatar.

This discovery led scientists to believe that the new strain has circulated in the Middle East. However, because the researchers have not been so clearly understand the mechanism of spread and impact of this new dangerous virus, WHO just ask the public to stay vigilant.

The new virus that attacked 6 people are included in the coronavirus family, the family of viruses that cause the common cold and deadly SARS disease that had spread in several countries and claimed 800 lives.

On Friday (28/09/2012), the WHO declared that a new coronavirus is not easily transmitted between humans. Virus found in recent cases it is not the cause of SARS coronavirus and coronavirus unlike ever identified in humans. However, both patients were infected with the virus have similarly suffered kidney failure.

WHO said it would continue to check the situation on the ground, but do not recommend banning visits to Saudi Arabia or Qatar. Meanwhile, Britain's Health Protection Agency explains that genetic research on viruses like SARS turned out to be almost the same as the virus bat.

In addition, the scientists suspect the virus is also associated with camels, sheep, or goats. Until now, the virus is still being studied further to assess the impact of harmful and dissemination mechanisms.